July 2014 Meeting minutes

11 Aug
August 11, 2014

As recorded by Felice Hancock, Recording Secretary

         The meeting at the Paul C. Camp Community College Workforce Center Conference Room had eight people attending, including BNRP Board Members:  Jeff Turner, Curtis Newsome, Nancy Turner, Sherri Woodard and Anne Parker.  Chairman Newsome called the meeting to order with a welcome and requested that Secretary Hancock read the June Minutes.  Prior to minutes being approved, Jeff Turner requested we visit the selling of the Water-power Mill booklet, second printing.   Nancy Turner motioned that the BNRP sell the booklet for retail to historical societies/museums at $5.00 and wholesale at events for $10.00 (the goal being not to make a profit but present history and create good public relations.  The cost of printing the booklets being about $4.00 each.)  Jeff Turner seconded the motion.  Then Jeff Tuner motioned that the June Minutes be approved and Nancy Turner seconded – June 2014 Minutes were passed.

Chairman Newsome next requested the Treasurer’s Report.  Nancy Turner noted June expenses were $2,538.75; revenue was $449.05.

Chairman Newsome then called for the Membership Secretary’s report.  Bobby Turner announced we have 145 members with two new members being:  Caleb Nixon of Chesapeake and J.N. Hawa of Virginia Beach.  Renewing members included Brandon Burrow.  Welcome to our new members!


July 2014 Riverkeeper Report

By Jeff Turner, Blackwater-Nottoway Riverkeeper

6/12:  Sent information to Sergeant Tim Worrell & Eric Brittle of Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries on suggested limb-line regulation changes.

6/14:  Three-day patrol on Blackwater River up and downriver from Franklin. Trash bad, baby eagles out of nest at Pretlow nest and at Cherry Grove.

Took Cain Madden, editor from Tidewater News, on Blackwater River to take photos of baby eagles. Got a lot of good pictures at Cherry Grove nest.

6/21:  Met with Virginia Voices (www.virginiavoices.org) representatives and Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia at Carrey’s Bridge on Nottoway River for interviews for Virginia Voices film project.

6/26:  Citizen called in that somebody had tried to block the Nottoway River upriver from Courtland.  Informed VDGIF and Blackwater Outfitters. VDGIF took picturess and destroyed blockage and are investigating.

7/1:  Sent letter to Governor concerning Rte. 460 and the evacuation angle.

7/7:  Citizen reported persons were dredging by mechanical means for artifacts at Carey’s Bridge.  I am in contact with Virginia Marine Resources Commission and there is an ongoing investigation into the matter.

7/9:  Attended Albemarle Chowan Roundtable meeting in Franklin.  Project to stop erosion on shoreline next to courthouse in Courtland.


Old Business

Anne Parker requested that the BNRP confirm March 28, 2015 on the calendar for Clean Rivers Day.  So confirmed.


New Business

Chairman Newsome introduced Rob Reynolds, Marketing Manager for Southeastern Virginia — Sweetwater Brewing Company.   Mr. Reynolds addressed his company’s annual two month program held from July 4 through Labor Day which is called the “Save Our Water” campaign; explained in detail at “www.Waterkeeperbrew.org.”  His company has been working with the Waterkeeper Alliance since 1999.  Goals for 2014 in working with the BNRP would be fund raising and raising awareness.

With no further business, Chairman Newsome adjourned the meeting until next month – August 13/Wednesday, 2014 at PDCCC Workforce Center Conference Room.



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