July 13, 2011 BNRP Minutes

14 Jul
July 14, 2011

as recorded by Felice  Hancock, Secretary

The meeting had 11 members and guests in attendance, and the Board of Directors’ members who were present were as follows:  Curtis Newsome, Jeff Turner, Nancy Turner, Sherri Wood, and Anne Parker.

Curtis Newsome opened the meeting by requesting the Minutes from June be read.  Jeff Turner motioned the minutes be approved, seconded by Nancy Turner; passed.

Jeff next requested that Nancy Turner give the Treasurer’s report.  June revenue was $380.00; expenses were $4,997.16 (included replacement of office computer; water testing equipment; tax return audit; web site hosting).

Bobby Turner gave the Membership Secretary’s report noting that there are130 members as of the end of June, with one new member, Gayle Urquhart – welcome to our new member.

Riverkeeper Report

6/9 Sheila Baker, City of Franklin, requested input for trash can on boardwalk at Barrettes Landing.

6/13 Talked to DEQ about River Road Turf Farm.  DEQ talked to owners who stated that there was an equipment malfunction.

Spent 3 days on Blackwater below the Steel Bridge River.  River was in terrible shape – nasty and stagnant.  Took water sample from incoming stream and checked for e-coli.  Count was low.  Contacted land-owner Rex Alphin about erosion issue.  Stated he had fixed it.

6/24 New Mac for the BNRP office.

6/30 City asks me to provide written permission to play the WHRO Community Impact Award video, to be aired on local city/county government cable channel.

7/2 Spent two days on the Blackwater.  Water was green and nasty.  I found a 55 gallon drum from Franklin Public Works in river.

Helped out with the Franklin Robotics Club Robo Regatta.  Four boats entered, impressive construction out of cardboard.  Interesting event.

7/5 Sent Isle of Wight County, City of Franklin, and Southampton County a request for release of funds.

City of Franklin and Fire& Rescue removed the drum from the Blackwater River.

Phil Sherman, City of Franklin, said public notice for the pier project soon to be in Tidewater News. VMRC permit will follow soon after that, and then the construction will start on this project will help the elderly and youth board and de-board from boats on the river.

Had conversations with VDGIF about “no Fishing” regulations at Franklin Landing.

Had conversations with Taylor Williams, city attorney, and Russ pace about city employee fishing form boat ramp pier.

7/7 PDCCC’S Kidds College Eco-Cruise.  Had to cut short because of sick student, heat related.

7/8 Received a call about someone seeing an Asian Carp in the Meherrin River.

7/9 Witnessed a man and child fishing from Steel Bridge.  Informed VDGIF.

7/12 Mailed 64 organizations a notice regarding Clean River Day 2012 (April 28).

New Business

No new business.

Other Business

Anne Parker noted that she is working on recruitment of more members.

Felice Hancock mentioned that the Riverkeeper Program did not receive any award from the LL Bean’ Outdoor Heroes Award.

Introduction of Tim McCormack, and his 2 guests.  Mr. McCormack has had extensive experience on both the Blackwater and Nottoway Rivers and has an Environmental Degree from Ferrum College.

No further items, Curtis Newsome concluded the meeting.

~ end ~

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