July 11th Thru The 13th Blackwater Trip

16 Jul
July 16, 2008

Moonpie & I spent the 11th through the 13th on the Blackwater below Franklin patrolling all that is ours.

The water was a little murky, stagnant and 82 degrees. The dissolved oxygen was 2.22 ppm at the surface. Trash was pretty bad with quite a bit being picked up around Barrett’s Landing. Mostly spring water bottles in the lily pads in front of the pavilion. On downriver we also picked up a full bag around where the city stormwater canal comes to the river. This is also where Moonpie found her a new ride. We spotted the kiddie car in the water and as soon as Moonpie saw what it was we had to have it. I tried lifting it into the boat but it was full of water and weighed way too much. I had bout give up when Moonpie got ugly and said, “ You got a new vehicle to drive so I guess the rest of us just have to make do and take a back seat, I think I should have my own ride!” She kept on and on as I was standing in waist deep mud trying to heave the 100 pound car into the boat. Finally I had enough and grabbed my big sheath knife at which Moonpie started screaming “help help he’s gonna kill me helllp” and with four quick jabs cut a hole in the trunk of the car. Oh, Moonpie said, I like really knew that was what you were doing. After draining the water I finally got the car in the boat and we took it back to the boat landing to put in the truck. Of course Moonpie had to take it for a couple laps around the parking lot first and cut a few 360’s but she finally ran out of steam and we got it in the truck. Now she has a new Moonmobile and is quite pompous about it. I was very pleased when we got downriver to the 189 landing to see that the new owner has taken control over the litter problem that has existed there for as long as I have been on the river. The only other time I have seen the place that clean is after Clean River Days. I personally am very grateful they have stepped up and are taking measures to protect the river. It looks very nice there. The fishing on this trip was not too great. I caught a couple of catfish at night, four small bass and a few bream. I thought the rain we had would have picked things up but it was not so. I was pleased to see a couple friends of mine the first two days enjoying the river. They were mostly just boating and tubing. What I thought was great though was they told me they had watched a bald eagle and when they were telling me this I could tell it was something they thought was special. It is and I was glad they had that experience while out on their river. These two wonderful rivers are ALL of ours, go enjoy them, go experience them but please always respect and protect them. Join the Riverkeeper Program and as a team we shall be Defenders of the Rivers we call the Blackwater & Nottoway.

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