July 10, 2013 Meeting Minutes

15 Jul
July 15, 2013

Blackwater/Nottoway Riverkeeper Program

As recorded by Felice Hancock, Secretary

The meeting had 8 members and 2 guests present, with Board of Directors attending as follows: Curtis Newsome, Jeff Turner, Anne Parker and Nancy Turner.
Curtis Newsome opened the meeting with a welcome and requested that the minutes from the June 2013 meeting be read. Jeff Turner motioned to approve the minutes, Nancy Turner seconded.

Newsome next requested that Nancy Turner give the Treasurer’s report. Turner pointed out a small error of -$107.77 which should be -$107.07 in May 2013 register report. Turner then reported a revenue for June 2013 of $1,188.70; expenses of $1,160.90.

Bobby Turner gave the Membership Secretary’s report noting 129 paid members, with new membership from Perry Gayle. Welcome to Mr. Gayle.

Riverkeeper Report
By Jeff Turner

A welcome to Graydon Wallace, who will talk to us after the Riverkeeper Report is made.

6/17 Conversations with Scott Quaranda of Dogwood Alliance about Enviva. Enviva is manufacturing wood pellets as heating fuel for oversea shipment.

6/18 Met with Enviva representatives Steve Jones Fiber/Supply Manager and Morgan Pitts/ Public Relations Manager at Barrettes Landing. Enviva has been logging in bottom land and other land adjacent to the Nature Conservancy’s recently acquired property. There was a discussion of extending the “buffer zone” along the river. The buffer land is voluntary.

Department of Environmental Quality/DEQ investigated pipe in Blackwater River near Rt 189 belonging to Dewey Corbin. Corbin said pipe was intake for watering horses.

VDGIF stated Bradley Gray would be charged for not properly checking limb-lines on Nottoway River.

Investigation into illegal selling of river fish yielded fish were caught from James River. Gray was not involved with that in anyway.

6/21 3 days on the Nottoway River. Rained everyday; no water quality issues.

6/27 Met with International Paper representatives Jennifer Hutto/Communications Manager, Jacque Taylor/new Environmental Health & Safety Manager, and Raye Moore/Environmental Engineer. Afterwards Moore gave me a nice tour of the wet log storage facility. I also toured work being done on the ASB pond dam to bring that into new specifications with new laws.

7/3 Sent DCR Jennifer Wampler/Trails Coordinator in the Planning and Recreation Resources Division a copy of the BNRP educational film, The Living Blackwater & Nottoway Rivers. Thinking is to show video while people register for paddle trips they put together or include them in their packets people receive when paying and signing up for these trips. Also may sell some atlases that that way.

Sent City of Franklin pictures of trash behind Web Apartments where retention pond is 10ft away.

7/10 Received funding approval for Riverkeeper salary from counties of Isle of Wight and Southampton, and City of Franklin.
Received funding from IOW and have sent letters to Southampton & Franklin requesting funding be released.

Presentation of BNRP’s 4th video to Village at Woods Edge.

No Reply from Franklin about emergency phone number for Sewage Treatment Plant.

New Business

Talking to Ed Bankston at the former Holt Metal Company in Sedley about a BNRP Eco-Cruise boat storage.

Graydon Wallace Proposed Project:
Mr. Wallace of Wakefield would like to work with his Chesapeake Boy Scout Troop and clean up/improve boating of some 10 miles on the Nottoway River near Waverly (Sussex County) towards his Eagle Scout badge. There are downed trees and trash issues. The Boy Scout regulations will be followed. Proposed date would be end of July or early August. Wallace is requested to record number of bags of trashed collected as well as any odd items collected, and report to BNRP. The BNRP will supply bags and litter pick-up tools.

Other Business:

Clean River Day for 2014
The date of April 12, 2014 has been selected.
Anne Parker and Jeff Turner will send a letter to schools, clubs, and other organizations so they can put the date on their calendars. Letters need to be sent out by August.

Water-powered Mill Booklet, reprint
Felice Hancock will order a second printing of the Mill Booklet this month. Estimate a cost of $1000 for $250 copies.

No further business presented, President Newsome dismissed the meeting.

~ end ~

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