January 5th through the 7th Blackwater Trip

07 Jan
January 7, 2008

Moonpie & I spent the 5th through the 7th on the Blackwater below the Steel Bridge.

Freezing Deer stayed with us one night but had to return to go to work. The water was clear and normal but cold at 37 degrees and the USGS gauge was at 7.45. Trash was pretty bad but I saw no other water quality problems. Darn near a third of what I picked up was Bud Light cans so who ever it is that drinks Bud Light up that way I hope the next time you throw one in the water you fall in behind it. Maybe I’ll fish you out with the rest of the trash.
The fishing on this trip was outa sight. I think this was probably the best blackfish trip I have ever had. Freezing Deer and I caught at least 40 that first day. I picked up my dad on day two and we caught at least 50 so I’m going to say we caught at least 90 blackfish. I’ll bet we hung twice that many before they got off. It was a whole lotta fun to be sure. They ranged from just over 8 pounds right on down to 1. I also caught a carp that was 12 something that towed us around for a while. All fish were caught on the blade bait with the big ½ oz size doing best. It was really nice to get my dad out there and catch fish after the last time I called him to the river and we caught nothing. However poor little Moonpie was a little upset. After Freezing deer left the first day Moonpie got her seat in the boat back only to turn around and loose it again an hour later to my dad. After dad left Moonpie said, “ I’ll tell you what, this boat needs a third seat. After all I am the icon of this Riverkeeper Program and it just ain’t right for me to have to lay on the bottom of this atrociously nasty boat.” Well I guess I could look into that, however I have a feeling that Moonpie would be happy sitting on a dead fish as long as we are on one of the two rivers we call Blackwater and Nottoway.

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