January 22 through 24th Blackwater Trip

24 Jan
January 24, 2009

I AM BACK !! Moonpie and I spent the 22 through the 24th on the Blackwater below Franklin. This was our first trip out since Moonpie getting lost last trip and then me breaking my leg.

It has been three very long months. The water on this trip was as cold as I believe I have ever seen it at 33.3 degrees the first day. Air temps ranged from 24 to 55 degrees. Trash was fairly heavy but I guess that’s because no one has been around to pick it up. I saw no water quality issues except for the fact that the river was mostly froze over. It has been a long time since I had seen that much ice. The fishing actually was not to bad. I caught a mess of yellow perch on small jigs. The bite was pretty light but the fish were generally really nice. It was also great that they were already frozen when I caught them! I mentioned the river was mostly frozen over and luckily it was thin in the middle. However the coves were frozen pretty thick luckily for us. We went to one of those coves hoping to catch some speckle, but like I said the coves were froze so we could not get in. So after such a cold long ride I decided to fish the ice edge anyway to no avail. After a while I decided we would make the long cold ride back upriver. I was putting my big coat on and was having a hard time from having so many clothes so I was thrashing around a bit when I heard something go “ping-a-jingle”. I looked just in time to see my keys skidding across the ice-covered cove from where they had ejected from my coat pocket. Boy did they go, on and on they skidded finally stopping about 50 ft away from the boat. I looked at Moonpie and Moonpie at me in disbelief. Now what she chided? That’s the keys to everything warm, the house and the truck. Not to worry I shot back, I ‘m an expert caster and I’ll have those keys back in 5 minutes. Forget that Moonpie said, the way your luck has been running you’d just knock them further away. I got a betta idea. Throw that paddle out there on the ice, I seen a dog on TV the other night that could ride a skateboard. That ain’t nuthin’, I can ride a snowboard and with that she leapt out of the boat onto the paddle and took off across the ice. I was stunned to say the least. She carved a wicked turn around the keys and snatched them up on the first past then did a couple of 360’s just because she could. A few more times around the cove and then she shot back towards the boat coming to an abrupt stop at the side of the boat and spraying me good fashion with ice chips. Wow, Moonpie that was great I said, how did you learn to do that? Forget about it she said, I have lots of talents I have yet to reveal, now back to the campsite, it’s time for a can of mighty yummies. I fired up the boat and took off taking one more look at the frozen cove over my shoulder and I swear just as we went around the curve I thought I saw what looked like a drawing of a big Moonpie face on the ice sheet where she had just been. Naw, I thought, impossible, but then you just never know what that Moonpie will do on the two rivers we call the Blackwater and Nottoway.

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