January 14, 2009 Meeting Minutes

21 Jan
January 21, 2009

As recorded by John Bunch, Secretary
After a late start on the meeting from being locked out of the building, Curtis Newsome opened by asking that John Bunch give the minutes reading from the previous meeting.

Following that Jeff made the motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Sherri, and adopted by voting with no changes.
Nancy Scott reported December expenses to be $2077.92, revenues of $380.00. The large expense for the month was for the payment to Britt & Peak for the audit.
Bobby Turner reported that the group picked up one new membership and now stands at 142.
The meeting had 9 in attendance, counting a new rep, Hassan Nunn, from Ashland Chemical. All BOD members were present: Nancy Scott, Sherri Woodard, Jeff Turner, Curtis Newsome, and Mark Smith.
As this was Jeff’s first meeting since October, he gave a report that covered the time period since his last meeting attendance and that is what follows:

The Riverkeeper Report
As presented by Jeff Turner

On 10/9 – Gave a presentation to the Franklin Baptist High Street Seniors. There were about 40 in attendance and the slide show from the 2007 banquet was shown.
On 10/13 – Spent 4 days on the Blackwater above Joyner’s Bridge and this was the camping trip that Moonpie went missing.
On 10/18 – Moonpie was located, apparently none the worse for the wear, by Bobby Turner. She had been searched for each day following her going missing on the 13th. That night I unfortunately I broke my leg.
On 11/13 – Received ‘yes’ votes via emails towards the purchase of a new electric motor.
On 11/18 – One gallon of DIB was released to the ditch at Ashland Chemical and none made it’s way to the river. This was caused by a Dominion power outage that occurred across the area.
On 12/1 – Received word that the Big Mamma cypress tree has died.
On 12/2 – Isle of Wight County is pushing forward on pursuing the Scenic River status for the Blackwater. The county may try to get the stretch running from the mouth of the river back up to Proctor’s Bridge.
On 12/23 – Recieved Camp Grants – $9,500
On 1/1/09 – Did a test run on the Nottoway River to the Blackwater to see if ‘m ready to get back on the river and to test out the new electric motor. The motor had a switch problem which was soon corrected. I also determined that I was not yet ready for taking up the normal patrols.
On 1/5 – Sent in notification to Renee Brown to have the room reserved for the annual BNRP banquet. It is to be held at the Workforce Development Center on Wednesday, 2/18.
On 1/6 – Contacted Advance Signs to make the Conservationist of the Year Award for Brian van Eerden of The Nature Conservancy. Brian will also be giving a speaking presentation at the banquet.
On 1/14 – Was contacted by Deer Path Acres concerning doing a children’s environmental educational program at the facility. Suggestion would be for a water testing program.

This concluded the Riverkeeper Report

Other Items:

– Jeff thanked everyone for volunteering to serve another year in the capacities of the officers and the BOD.
– Hassan and I both commented that all was going well environmentally at our plants (Ashland Chemical and International Paper).

– There was a little general discussion centered around the banquet and on the pricing of the food.

– This upcoming Saturday (1/17) Jeff will go to Richmond for a banquet and an overnight stay to receive the annual Fly Fisherman’s Award for the work he’s done.

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