January 13, 2010 Meeting Minutes

20 Jan
January 20, 2010

As recorded by John Bunch, Secretary

Curtis Newsome opened the meeting and asked that John Bunch read the minutes from the previous monthly meeting. The minutes were read, Jeff Turner made a motion to adopt, seconded by Nancy Turner, and passed with no changes.

Curtis asked Nancy Turner for the treasurer’s report for December. She reported that revenues were $1523.92 (dues for memberships and a single generous contribution), expenses were $1826.81. Large expense for the month was for boat and truck insurance and Riverkeeper clothing.

Bobby then gave the Membership Report which now has the group membership count at 141, a gain of three members from last month..

The meeting had 8 in attendance and all BOD members were present.

The Riverkeeper Report

As presented by Jeff Turner

On 12/16 – Received a contribution of $1145 from a donor who wishes remain anonymous.

On 1/04 – Informed the VDGIF about the deer carcasses and parts from skinning that had been dumped at the Steel Bridge. VDGIF came to look at it and also found bloody fingerprints on the washtub that had been left at the scene.

On 1/05 – Spent three days on the Blackwater above Joyner’s Bridge and the water was high at 9’. Due to high water this is the only time this month I have gotten out

On 1/12 – Finally following 2 years of my trying to get a Personal Floatation Device law for children on state waters, I got Senator Quayle to file legislation relating to PFD for children 12 years of age or younger. The bill number is SB 93 and reads as follows:

Personal flotation devices required for children; civil penalty. Requires children 12 years of age or younger to wear a Type I, II, or Type III US Coast Guard –approved personal flotation device on recreational vessels under 21 feet in length. The Director of Game and Inland Fisheries may assess any recreational vessel operator found in violation of this provision a civil penalty of up to $100. However, this penalty may be waived if the person completes a boating safety education course. All penalties collected are to be paid to the Motorboat and Water Safety Fund of the Game Protection Fund. The bill does not apply to a recreational vessel that is moored or anchored, or to children below deck or in an enclosed cabin.

The enactment of the bill is delayed until January 1, 2011.

This concluded the Riverkeeper Report

Other Items:

–       Annual Banquet – Banquet is fast approaching. Not sure how large the turn-out will be, the room will hold 115.

–       New Board Member – Jeff formally thanked Anne Parker for taking on the new role of Board Member.

–       Conservationist of the Year Award – Jeff wanted to nominate Lynn Crump who is involved with the Scenic Rivers Program. She was asked and accepted.

–       Clean Rivers Day – Discussion was held centering on what date to hold Clean Rivers Day this year. It was decided to be held to on April 24th which gets it away from Easter and Spring Break.

–       Sean Maconaghy reported for Ashland that they received their new VPDES permit and will begin remediation of the old lagoon. Their Title V Air Permit is out for Public Comments.

–       John Bunch gave the details of the car removal incident that occurred at IP’s C Pond and told that #1 Paper Machine and #5 Recovery Boiler has been shutdown since the last meeting.

–       Anne Parker – will be attending the Virginia Conservation Network and gave some information on upcoming bills.

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