January 12, 2011 Meeting Minutes

18 Jan
January 18, 2011

As recorded by felice Hancock, Secretary The meeting had 10 in attendance and the BOD members who were present are as follows: Nancy Turner, Anne Parker, Curtis Newsome, Sherri Woodard, and Jeff Turner. Curtis Newsome opened the meeting by asking that the minutes be read from the December meeting. The minutes were read by John Bunch. Jeff Turner made a motion to have them adopted and seconded by Nancy Turner. They were adopted with no changes. Curtis then asked that Nancy give the Treasurer’s report for December. She reported that revenues were zero ($0), there being no River Atlas sales or membership dues collected. Expenses were $981.66. Curtis then asked Bobby Turner to give the membership report. Since November 2010, the group stands at 146 members, the highest membership count which the group has ever had. Riverkeeper Report 12/9 Spent 3 days on Blackwater below Franklin. Trash bad. 12/14 Took water samples Turner Tract/Wetlands Bank. TDS was pretty normal. Water little cloudy. 12/21 Spent 3 days on Blackwater above Joyners Br. No water quality issues. Deborah Boone City of Franklin code inspector stated sediment pond at Farm Fresh cleaned up. Received Camp Family Foundations grants totaling $11,950. 12/31 Submitted application for BNRP to win Governors Environmental Excellence Award. 2011 1/1 Reported to VDOT possible sewage running into a ditch on Rt 641. Reported to VDOT there were 6 VDOT barrels in the Cypress Swamp Creek on Rt 638 Drake Rd. 1/2 Reported to Southampton County and the Timmons Group that they had fixed the muddy water issue coming from the Turner Tract. The additional measures put in place after the initial investigation I did seem to be working. 1/3 Spent 3 days on the Blackwater below the Steel Bridge. No water quality issues. VDGIF ramp parking lot had 6 deer carcasses spread around and the parking once again was torn up from vehicles doing 360’s. There was also a racial slur painted on a tree and a noose hanging from it. I contacted the Dept. and reported these issues. 1/7 VDGIF reported they had cleaned up the deer and re-graded parking lot. Racial slur and noose removed. VDOT removed barrels from Rt 638 Cypress Swamp Creek. 1/11 Nominated Riverdale Elementary teacher Julee Herbert for the Va. Lottery Super Teacher Award. 8 teachers will win $2000 credit at the Supply Room and $2000 from the Va. Lottery. One teacher will win a Royal Caribbean Cruise. This concluded the Riverkeeper Report New Business Welcome felice Hancock as new Secretary. Finalize voting slate of officers and Board of Directors into office. Jeff Turner Executive Director & BOD, Curtis Newsomes Chairman BOD, Sherri Woodard Vice Chairman BOD, Nancy Turner Treasurer & BOD, Anne Parker BOD, felice Hancock Secretary, Bobby Turner Membership Recognize John Bunch Service to BNRP as Secretary for past 6 years, during which time he reported on IP Plant water management and devoted his environmental expertise to BNRP. In appreciation he was presented with a portable cooler. He will be ‘retiring’ along with the last of the local area crew on March 31 from IP. Banquet, Wednesday February 12th cancelled. Decision based on increased cost of the banquet equaling/exceeding membership dues. Possibility of holding a Membership Banquet bi-annually was discussed and will be dependant on committee being formed for its oversight. Other Items: Water-powered mill Project, funded in part by VFH grant has been gaining a slow completion via felice Hancock, with Hancock having experienced a difficult year personally. She may request an addition 3 months from VFH for completion of project, dependent on services of printer. Project has March 2011 deadline for conclusion. Anne Parker reported that the City of Franklin will hold a Recognition Program via the “Beautification Committee” on Feb 24. A breakfast will be held at the Incubator for representatives of the 88 groups which have “adopted a spot”. She suggested that letters be sent from BNRP in Feb regarding Clean River Day (April 2/Sat, 2011) to Clubs, Civic Organizations, etc as well as a media release. In this timely manner, groups can discuss joining the day during their March Meetings. John Bunch, IP Representative, reported that IP began their annual release season of industrial wastewater on 1/12. The water being released this season is mostly well water and storm water; the volume to be released is greatly reduced due to the mill’s shutdown in the spring of 2010. Sherri Woodard noted that the Uriah Branch Trail was completed at the Greensville County Government Complex. Jeff Turner noted that the proposed dock at Franklin needed to resubmit permits.

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