Franklin Sewage Treatment Plant Strikes Again

12 Sep
September 12, 2014

On Monday September 8 2014 at about 5:15 I caught the City of Franklins WWTP once again spewing sludge into the Blackwater river from their outfall pipe next to the boat ramp. The spill lasted about an hour and a half. I contacted the city and DEQ. DEQ is investigating. The issue comes from excessive rain then groundwater seeping into the city system inundating the capability of the treatment plant. No one was at the facility to catch the issue which is another issue. This seems to be the case often as this problem can arise on weekends or after WWTP personnel get off work. One way to make the situation better would be to have someone there at the facility when there is a known chance for the problem to arise such as during a big rain event. The city has agreed to try to make that happen. Time will tell and I will continue to monitor the WWTP at all hours during large rain events.

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