February 9, 2011 Meeting Minutes

14 Feb
February 14, 2011

The Blackwater/Nottoway Riverkeeper Program minutes As recorded by Felice Hancock, Secretary The meeting had 5 in attendance and the BOD members who were present are as follows: Nancy Turner and Jeff Turner. Jeff Turner opened the meeting in the absence of Curtis Newsome by reading the River- keeper Report. The January minutes were read by felice Hancock. Nancy Turner corrected the Treasurer’s December report, noting that revenues were zero ($0), there being no River Atlas sales or membership dues collected as stated, however, expenses were $1206.21. The Treasurer’s January report included revenue totaling $12,805.00, inclusive of grants from the Camp Foundation, Campbell Foundation and the TR Camp-Younts Foundation. Expenses for the month were $2,145.47. Bobby Turner than gave the Membership report recognizing an all-time high in members of 151. Welcome as new associates: William K Barlow, Taylor Barlow, Jane H. Beale, Marshall Rabil and Joseph Powell. As there was no quorum of BOD to approve the minutes and reports, these and new business items are to be sent out for vote over the internet; results listed at end of report. Riverkeeper Report 1/15 Spent three days on the Blackwater above Joyners Bridge. 1/24 Sent letter to Franklin City Council listing negative impacts to the river, regarding the Navy’s use of Franklin Airport for Turboprop pilot practice. 1/27 Spent 3 days on the Blackwater below Franklin. River was trashed from Franklin storm-water ditch. Strange stuff in river coming from Franklin STP. Called city and was met by Russ Pace who called STP Manager Donnie Gagle who came to outflow pipe. Was told by him stuff was grease. This investigation ongoing. 1/31 Conversation with City of Norfolk Water Works Manager Chris Harbin. He stated they are still pursuing having old water pipeline and trestle over the river removed at Burdette. 2/1 J.L. Rose Hog Market in Courtland will have to tie into town’s WWTP by DEQ order which will stop storm-water and facility drain from running into the river. Met with Phil Sherman (heading up pier project for city of Franklin) at Franklin ramp to discuss pier addition. Received a ticket for driving Riverkeeper Truck with expired inspection sticker. 2/2 Litter Control Council meeting — Clean County Program; promising! 2/3 Met with Phil Sherman and Ben Stag from Virginia Marine Resource Commission (VRMC) to discuss pier project. Sent SoCo and IOW notification of intent on pier project, as well as courtesy notification to International Paper. Informed John Bunch at IP that trashcan at old landing was unchained and turned over. Notified Lin Darden and Russ Pace about Clean River Day, April 2. Notified Tidewater News, promise to run a notice in the Community Calendar. VDGIF will advertise in their newsletter. 2/4 Met with Phil Sherman, Franklin Chamber, Dominion Power and VDGIF at Franklin Pier to discuss pier project. 2/8 Gave presentation of the 2nd BNRP video to Franklin Chapter, Woodmen of the World. 20 in attendance. This concluded the Riverkeeper Report New Business The Pier Project will not be ready by Clean Rivers Day. There are many permits that must be submitted by the city to several agencies and it will take time for that red tape to get done. Maybe by July 4th. Items to be voted on by BOD, online, due to failure of quorum: • Approval of January Minutes. • Ticket, moving violation. Vote either yes for the BNRP to pay the fine and move on or no BNRP not pay the fine and more discussion needed. • Approval of 2010 budget. Other Items: Felice Hancock nominated the BNRP for two awards: 1.) Capt Ronald A. Erchul, USN (Retired) Environmental Leadership Award to be announced at end of March and presented during the VMI’s Environmental VA Symposium; required a modest essay on the Riverkeeper; Lynda Updike also nominated Riverkeeper for the same award. 2.) WHRO Community Impact Awards to be awarded in early March: required more information and letters of support, two such letters came from Michael Johnson, SoCo Administrator, and David Bearinger, VFH Program & Grants Director. Good luck Jeff! Sean M. Maconaghy, EHS Manager for Ashland Hercules Water Technologies – Franklin reported on the following activities: • VADEQ has sent the Draft Permit Revision out for public comment during the week of January 31, 2011 regarding the plant’s request to raise the Outfall 002 temperature limit from 30 degrees Celsius (86 F) to 32 degrees Celsius (89.6 F). The plant has requested this modification due to less water consumption since the shutdown of the Eastman Tall Oil Process to help with discharges during the summer months. Modeling was completed to demonstrate that anti-backsliding would not be occurring by raising the temperature limit. • Water sampling results were provided to Pastor Corey Benson of the Vision International Church located directly southwest of the plant off Shady Brook Trail. Pastor Benson was complaining of an odor in their drinking water; the plant had the Church’s well water tested in early December 2010. Results of the testing showed that all chemical parameters tested were within acceptable drinking water limits. • Capital improvements were approved by Ashland Inc. to increase production at the plant and help with longer term sustainability which is a positive note for on-going operations at the site. Results of on-line BOD Voting: Vote to approve the January minutes as submitted– Yea: Curtis Newsome, Nancy Turner, Sherri Woodard, Jeff Turner, Anne Beale. Vote to approve the budget as submitted– Yea: Curtis Newsome, Nancy Turner, Sherri Woodard, Jeff Turner,  Anne Beale. Vote for the BNRP to pay fine and move on– Yea: Curtis Newsome, Sherri Woodard, Anne Parker.  Nay: Nancy Turner.  Jeff Turner removed himself from the vote

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  1. grandma2 says:

    Thank you, Mr. Jeff and Spirit of Moonpie, for all you do. Only someone who really cares would go out and camp on the waters and do patrol during all 4 seasons. I am getting to old to do as much now, but I ‘live’ and ‘enjoy’ the rivers via your camping & boating adventures. You brighten my day.

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