February 10th, 2016 Meeting Minutes

10 Mar
March 10, 2016

As recorded by John Bunch, acting Secretary

The monthly meeting at The Paul D. Camp Community College Workforce Center Conference Room had 7 people attending, including BNRP Board Members:  Jeff Turner, Nancy Turner, Sherri Woodard, and Anne Parker. Bobby Turner and visiting Lawson Wallace, with his 2 parents from Wakefield, were in attendance along with John Bunch acting as Secretary due to Felice Hancock’s absence.

Chairman Newsome opened the meeting welcoming everyone and then called on Lawson to introduce himself and his parents and then to give his presentation to us concerning his project on fallen trees removal from the Rt. 40 area of the Nottoway. This pertained to a project that he headed up with others in his Troop 837 of Chesapeake in order to earn his Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts. It was a well thought out Power Point presentation displaying the progress that he and the other scouts made concerning cutting up and removing the fallen trees in the river. This will aide in future navigation in that stretch of the river and he thanked Jeff for his assistance in the project. We all enjoyed his presentation and told him what a good cause it was.

Next, Nancy gave the Treasurer’s Report, saying that expenses for the month of December were $1454.51, revenue was $174.84.  For the month of January, expenses for that month were $1631.00, revenue was $14,288.64 ($13,500 from Camp, Camp Younts, and Campbell Foundations) leaving a balance of $42,681.17.

Nancy then went over the proposed budget for 2016. A couple big ticket items in it were money for replacement of the Pontoon and Water Strider boat motors and for the purchase of a drone to be able to take interesting photography. Following a little discussion on some of the items, Curtis Newsome made the motion to adopt the budget, seconded by Anne. It was passed unanimously.

Riverkeeper Report

12/10 3 day patrol BW above Burdette.  Derelict cat-lines found and destroyed. This was my 10th Birthday I have spent on the rivers staring back in 1988 at BD 29.

12/13  Bobby Turner, Nancy Turner and I (and I was asked to be the GrandMarshall) with the BNRP Pontoon boat participated in the Boykins Christmas Parade. BNRP T-shirts were tossed to the crowds along the route.

12/16 Camp Family Grants were received. Thank you letters written.

12/19 3 day patrol BW below Franklin. Removed 9 styro blocks from the river. VDGIF CPO Michael Corrado helped me get them into Riverkeeper truck. Now a total of 23 blocks removed. Note: Nancy Reid left position and moved away.

Discovered where at old Franklin dump on Pretlow Str., trash is getting off site there and rolling downhill into the river. Contacted Franklin City Manager Randy Martin on 12/21. As of 1/11 I have heard nothing from him.

12/21 Called Tractor Supply Area Manager Andy Willet and got him to send Tractor Supply people to pick up 9 blocks I retrieved from BW at the Franklin boat ramp.

1/5 Kyle Winter DEQ informed me concerning Stoney Creek the fecal coliform and E.coli data are generally trending downward, and dissolved oxygen levels have nearly recovered to background under both high and low flow conditions.  DEQ staff performed a macroinvertebrate survey in November; staff reported that populations of macroinvertebrates had started to recover downstream of the incident (it is likely that they rode the current from unimpacted reaches of Stony Creek).

1/6 3 day patrol Nottoway below Round Gut. Discovered much trash at the landing. Then discovered the river downriver from the gut was trashed like I had never seen. Then discovered trash was coming from where a homeowner at Round Gut is dumping into the swamp. I have contacted Mike Johnson SC. Administrator.

1/13 3 day patrol BW below Franklin. Discovered ground flow at IP aeration pond going into river. Contacted IP and DEQ to investigate.

Marshall Bradley contacted me about trash in roadside ditches on IOW side of river at Joyners Br. Told him to call Rex Alphin.

1/26 Both DEQ and I.P. inform me groundflow from aeration pond area is not from the pond but from small swamp pond between pond dike and river.

1/28 contacted Rex Alphin IOW County Board of supervisor and Brian Van Eerden from TNC about possible joint river access venture at Zuni and Proctors Br. for canoe/kayak access.

1/30 3 day patrol BW Franklin area. Took more pics of old dump and issues there.

2/4 After contacting Franklin City Manager Randy Martin about old city dump 12/21, I made several calls to him during the following 6 week period as well as e-mails and received no answer. On 2/4 placed a call to him and we talked. I was told the city would look into the issue.

Talked to Donald Goodwin City of Franklin Director of Community Development about Round Gut swamp dumping I discovered in Jan. He stated he inspected the area and determined that the trash and debris there were not on property owners land that live on the swamp edge and that he did not think those people were responsible for the trash. At this point he did not know who to cite.

2/5 Murphy Brown hog farms permitted by DEQ to now send stormwater run-off to the rivers and swamps (instead of to holding pond as was practiced) at Otterdam Swamp, Coppahaunk Swamp, Secorrie swamp, Seacock swamp, Mill Run swamp, German swamp, Assamoosic swamp, Nebletts Mill Run and Spring Branch. I have written strong letters of disapproval of these permits to the Governor, DEQ Director Paylor and Va. Secretary of Natural Resources Molly Ward.

2/8 Informed DEQ of soap and contaminated water from Solar carwash in Franklin going into trib of the BW. 2007 DEQ investigated carwash and a drain was installed.

2/9 Informed by Southampton County Administrator Mike Johnson that the Styrofoam case with the Fowlers on the Nottoway is now closed. The landowners have met all requirements by the state and county and the clean-up and restoration of the area is complete.

New Business:

  • Discussion was held on the possibility of holding fewer meetings as opposed to the normal monthly. Nancy expressed concern that it might make the Treasurer’s job more difficult. If BNRP goes to every other month, how do we get the word out on meeting dates? One idea was to put a blurb in the Tidewater News into the It’s Happening Here column.
  • Jeff asked for the approval of spending $800 on the purchase of 100 Litter Gitters that would have the BNRP name on them. After discussion to the positive, Jeff made the motion that they be purchased, seconded by Nancy, and passed by a vote. Discussion then held on having the entire month of April as Clean the Rivers, rather than the single day as in the past. This could potentially get more people and organizations on board. It was stated that letters will be sent out to organizations and members that CRD would include the entire month of April this year.
  • Nancy made mention that Jeff has signed up to do Community Day in Franklin to be held on April 30th and could use some help manning the BNRP booth. Runs from 10-3 during that day.


With no other business to be discussed, Curtis adjourned the meeting.



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