22 Aug

What Is Eco-Cruise?

[faq answer]

Eco-Cruise is a floating classroom tour of the rivers aboard the BNRP pontoon boat. The cruise is made available free of charge to groups and organizations that have environmental committees, do community clean-ups, beautification projects or have a real interest in learning about our riverine environment. Some examples of groups we take are Boy & Girl Scouts, 4-H, School Groups, Senior Citizen Groups, Garden Clubs, Church groups etc. Tour dates and tour duration are set up and figured out on an individual basis to fit the needs of that particular group. Children under the age of 8 are not permitted on Eco-Cruise due to safety concerns. Children’s groups must be accompanied by an adult responsible for that group of children.

In Summer: If NOAA forecast  temps for Franklin Va. are to be between 90 and 95, no Eco-Cruises will be run after 11am. If the forecast is for temps above 95, All Eco Cruises will be suspended for that day. If there is a 30% chance of thunderstorms during the times of scheduled cruises, those cruises will be cancelled. These are just some basic guidelines, Riverkeeper Jeff Turner always has final say on if a cruise is a go or not.  New weight restrictions.  There is a new max weight limit of 285 pounds per individual.  That is the max capacity rating of the seating  on-board the Eco-Cruise boat. As a general guideline 10 people is the max # I can take. Safety is priority one. ALSO, it is quite an operation to trailer, set-up and launch the Eco-Cruise boat. In other words its a lot of trouble so taking two or thee people out on all that boat just ain’t worth it. Calls or texting on cell phones during the tour is prohibited. I’m not donating my time to you only to compete with these devices. Cell phones may be used to take pictures ONLY.

Tours of the Blackwater leave from the VDGIF boat ramp in Franklin Va. 23851. Tours on the Nottoway from the new bost landing on Rt 671 or Rt 258 VDGIF landing. Tours usually last about 2 hours but that is flexible. I can take ten at a time on the boat, if your group is larger we can do more than one trip. One group can go out on the river while another group does something else at the Barretts Landing park. Eco-Cruise is a great way to learn about the Blackwater River, it’s history and wildlife. As of 5/27/15 Eco-Cruise tours are suspended until further notice.