18 Oct

Are the Riverkeeper videos for sale?

[faq answer]

No, but copies of “A Tour Of The Blackwater/Nottoway Rivers”, ” The Living Blackwater & Nottoway Rivers”, “The Living Blackwater & Nottoway Rivers II and the most recent film BNRP 4 can be obtained for a $10 donation for on DVD. A Tour is 20 minutes long and covers the history, some wildlife and the problems facing the two rivers and was produced in 2003. The Living video covers 32 species of river critters, is 24 minutes long and was produced in 2005. The Living II was produced in 2008 and again shows wildlife and it about 25 minutes.  BNRP 4 was produced in 2012 and shows wildlife, some of the issues I face wile on patrol and a section on a mussel harvesting and replenishing work being done on the Nottoway and is almost 30 minutes.  The videos are suitable for both children and adults.   Send donation to BNRP PO Box 44 Sedley Va. 23878. Donations can also be made by clicking on the Donate button on the homepage. Include $5 for each order for shipping.