December/January Minutes

13 Feb
February 13, 2015

Blackwater-Nottoway RiverKeeper Program
February 11, 2015
As recorded by Felice Hancock

On February 11, 2015 the BNRP meet at Paul D. Camp Community College’s Workforce Development Center and had 8 members in attendance. Board Members present included: Curtis Newsome, Jeff Turner, Sherri Woodard, Anne Parker, and Nancy Turner. Chairman Newsome called the meeting to order.
The meeting on January 14 was canceled due to weather. Therefore, the December 10 Minutes as recorded by acting secretary John Bunch was read on February 11 by Jeff Turner. Jeff Turner motioned that these minutes be approved and seconded by Nancy Turner. Motion passed.
Nancy Turner next gave the Treasurer’s report for both December 2014 and January 2015. Revenues for December were $3,368.60; expenses were $1,374.31.
. Revenues for January were $19,857.00; expenses were $$2,695.12; and ending balance for January was $41.760.53. Nancy Turner presented the Proposed 2015 Budget at this time with brief discussion. A motion was made by Anne Parker to approve the reports and budget and seconded by Jeff Turner. Motion passed.
Membership Secretary, Bobby Turner, provided a report with an all-time high of members at 162. New supporters include Jeffery Dail of Poquoson and George Poston of Zuni. Welcome to our new members.

January/February 2015 RiverKeeper Report
by Jeff Turner:
1/1/2015: Summary of past year
In 2014, as RiverKeeper, I preformed 75 patrols of 2 to 4 days on rivers. This is up from 52 patrols in 2013. High was 90 patrols in 2000 and 2001. Average has been 60. I removed approximately 800 pounds from the river in 2014. I had 23 eagle sightings in 2014. There were 6 cow sightings in the Blackwater River. I did 6 Eco-Cruises, canceled 5 due to health issues, 1 due to equipment failure. To date 99 Eco-Cruises have been accomplished since 2005, carrying 800 people on the rivers. I did 9 presentations, 116 since 2002.
12/15/2014: Sent Nancy Reid, Environmental Compliance Officer for Franklin/Southampton, an e-mail about trash at apartments behind Parker Battery and trash in Bogart Street retention pond.
12/16: Asked Patti Rabil what becomes of plastic bags collected by P3 organization? Answer: Bags taken to Food Lion, then handed to Trex Inc. where bags are then used to make more bags and outdoor furniture. Schools that reach a certain amount get an outdoor bench made out of the resin for their school. Total bags collected as of December 2014 has been 68,746.
12/17: 3 day patron on Blackwater River below Steel Bridge; lots of trash collected.
12/:20: Trash at Bogart retention pond cleaned up.
1/16/2015: Sent USACE request to open discussions about clearing logjam on upper Blackwater. Reply was that USACE would not be able to do that job because their agreement with Franklin City did not extend that far upriver.
1/19: 3 day patrol on Blackwater near village of Burdette. Most of big log jam cleared; broke electric motor doing so.
1/22: Interviewed by Aleks Martry, independent film maker doing a film on the village of Zuni and surrounding area, including the rivers, history, etc.
2/3: 3 day patrol of Blackwater River below Franklin. Trash was heavy. There was heavy sawdust on surface of river on the 3rd day. I contacted Jennifer Railey. Answer: They inspected at the boat ramp and another location but only saw tree debris/seeds/leaves etc. So if there is a next time I see a sawdust pile issue (heavy) I will be sure to “GPS” the location and take pictures to present to International Paper and Department of Environmental Quality.
2/10: Attended sea level rise presentation by Skip Stiles from Wetlands Watch, hosted by Franklin Garden Club as a special guest by invite of Anne Parker. 65 to 70 people attending.
I was contacted by VA Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy/DMME about possible leak in sand pit holding pond along old Route 258 bridge site, where it crosses the Nottoway River. I was investigating a citizen complaint of the Nottoway having a gray color. I found no issue with the river.

New Business
Jeff Turner is to attend meeting with John Kirk of VA Department of Game and Inland Fisheries on February 23 to discuss pier addition.
Anne Parker gave a brief report and update on Lobby Day in Richmond.
Clean Rivers Day letters have been sent to organization that the CRD will be on March 28.
Curtis Newsome requested input for ways that Southampton Litter Control Program might assist BNRP.

With no further business, Chairman Newsome dismissed the meeting.

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