December 10, 2008 Meeting Minutes

11 Dec
December 11, 2008

As recorded by John Bunch, Secretary
Jeff Turner was at home ailing from the flu so Curtis Newsome ran the entire meeting. Curtis began the meeting by asking John Bunch to read the minutes from the previous monthly meeting which was held in October. November’s meeting was not held due to Jeff having broken his leg and not doing any Riverkeeper activities for that month.

Following the reading, Curtis asked for a motion to adopt the minutes as is. Nancy Turner made the motion, seconded by Sherri Woodard, and the minutes were adopted without any changes.
Nancy Turner’s treasurer report covered two months. Expenses for October were $1699.86, revenues of $6260.00. Social Security taxes, Riverkeeper salary, and Internet service maintenance for the website for 12 months were the large expenditures. The bulk of the influx came in the form of a contribution from Southampton County and from the Dominion Foundation for the floating dock for Barrett’s Landing. Expenses for November were $1422.96, revenues of $180.00, leaving a balance of $20,473.90. Main expenditure other than salary was for an electric trolling motor.
Nancy then handed out copies of the audit report that was performed by Britt & Peak, PC. All figures were in line with the job that she had been doing on the accounting part of our group.
Bobby Turner reported that the group had gained seven additional members since the October meeting bringing the total membership to 141.
The meeting had 7 in attendance and the BOD members present were Nancy Turner, Curtis Newsome, Sherri Woodard, and Mark Smith.

With Jeff absent and no river activities, there was no Riverkeeper report.

Other Items:

– Curtis brought up that it was time for the elections of officers and Board members. He asked if everyone would continue forward into 2009 as they had in 2008. As all Board members and officers were present (with the exception of Jeff, who had sent this request in through Curtis) this agreement was made and all spoke that they would do so. Nancy made the motion to adopt this decision, Sean Maconaghy seconded, and the motion was passed.

For the record the Officers for 2009 will be as follows:
Jeff Turner – Riverkeeper & Executive Director
Curtis Newsome – Chairman
Sherri Woodard – Vice-chairman
Nancy Turner – Treasurer
John Bunch – Secretary
Bobby Turner – Membership Manager/Coordinator

The Board of Directors will be as follows:
Jeff Turner
Curtis Newsome
Sherri Woodard
Nancy Turner
Mark Smith

– Sean Maconaghy, a new EHS representative of Ashland Chemical (previously Hercules) was in attendance and will be a point person for the Riverkeeper group. He spoke of the Dominion Power electrical outage in November that resulted in issues at their plant, specifically of a steam loss caused reactor release that only got as far as the stormwater ditch. A quick operator response and placing out booms contained the release and kept it from getting to the river. Sean spoke additionally about other current happenings at his plant.

– Myself, John Bunch, spoke a little on some of the shutdown activities going on at the mill which included #3 Paper Machine, #4 Recovery Boiler, and #2 Lime Kiln.

– Bobby Turner gave an update on Jeff’s broken leg and some of the details of the issues that he had to deal with. Bobby also mentioned that Jeff had not been able to give the new trolling motor a tryout yet.

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