Clean Rivers Day 2014 Success Again

18 Apr
April 18, 2014

Once again CRD was a big success. 25 teams, 182 volunteers picked up 6562 pounds of trash which included 26 tires. Strange item winners were Team Wagonbach with a crack pipe and Team Heave Ho Promotions with a box spring and mattress set. I hope Dean does not Continue to ride around showing people the crack pipe he found! Ha Ha! I.P. and The Franklin Garden Club tied with most volunteers at 35 each. Team I.P. had the most weight picked up with 1500 pounds. Team Ben Cutchins won the Heavy Hauler title for picking up 150 pounds of trash by himself. Thanks to all the teams that participated on a day that turned out just right for doing that kind of work. The City of Franklin and Southampton County really helped also by collecting teams bags and taking the “extra” garbage and debris at the county dump sites. The river was very high this year so the few teams that were on the river had a tough time. I’m hoping next year we can have more boat teams on the rivers. There are so many fishermen and boaters in this area, if we could get a tenth of those numbers to get on the river it would be great. Thanks again for all the teams hard work. Pictures that teams submitted are in the galley. Teams participating this year were ( in no order)

Team Heave Ho Promotions
Team Hancock/Bunch
Team Hancock
Nottoway Indian Tribe of Va.
Franklin Garden Club College
Franklin Rotary
PDCCC Science Team
Team Reid
Boy Scout Troop 17
Team Hercules/Ashland
Team Blohm
Team Chaffee
YMCA Leaders
Historic Southside Master Naturalist
Team Beale
Team Joyner Gray Yale Ruritans
Team I.P.
Team Newsome
Team Turner
Team Wagonbach
Team Ben Cutchins
Blackwater Outfitters
Team Davenport
Country Acres Garden Club

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  1. Bobby T says:

    I think it is great for so many people to turn out for such a worthy cause. It makes the areas look so much better and hopefully will help all to do their part by not trashing it again. We are so blessed in this small section of the world to have these two rivers to enjoy. Thank you all for helping keep this part of the earth cleaner.

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