Clean Rivers Day 2013..Success!

26 Apr
April 26, 2013

Wow! another successful Clean Rivers Day was attended by 175 hardy souls Saturday April 20th. Twenty-six teams hit the ditches, streets, streams and rivers to help clean-up our little piece of earth. They made a difference picking up an amazing 5745 pounds of trash an debris. This was the 12th Clean Rivers Day event held. “Said Riverkeeper Jeff Turner, we had people help from as far away as Va. Beach and people as young as 4 and as old as 80 involved in the clean-up. Everybody that participated are in my book Defenders of the Rivers.”

The strangest item found was a woman’s tank top found by Franklin Rotary. They reported the did not find the woman! Special thank to VDOT, City of Franklin and Southampton County for lending a helping hand as they always do. If you want a great litter getter like we use go here. As of this writing 4/26/2013 here are the teams that have reported to me that they participated.

Nottoway Indian Tribe

PDC Science Class

Troop 17

Capron Baptist Church

Robert Blohn

Franklin Black Achievers

Croaker Canoing

Team Davenport

Franklin Garden Club

Felice & Bunch

Sherri Woodard

Team Turner, Doug & Lee

Team Wachsmann

Team Ashland

Pack 27

Three Rivers Bass Club

Franklin Rotary Club

Team Cynthia Litman

Nottoway Yact Club

Curtis & Zuni Ruritans

Byron Carmean

Team Ginger Smith

Historic Southside Master Naturalist

Blackwater Outfitters

Franklin Beautification Commission

Franklin Junior Women’s Club

13 Tires, a dresser, basketball goal, 15 ft piece of carpet, purse, drain pipe and metal sign are some of the things also collected. All the teams that participated did so well and worked so hard. I personally thank you you for that effort to clean up our world. The team with the most weight was the Franklin Garden Club with a score of 850 followed by Team Ashland with a close 825 followed closely by the Zuni Ruritans with 800 pounds. We were under the 12 average of 6212 with this years clean-up, mostly due to less tires being collected. We were quite a bit over the volunteer average of 144 with the 175 that helped this year. Here are the stats for all years. New averages are shown.

2001 ~ 200 volunteers 6000 pounds or 3.00 tons

2002 ~ 150 volunteers 5485 pounds or 2.74 tons

2003 ~ 110 volunteers 6300 pounds or 3.15 tons

2004 ~ 130 volunteers 9240 pounds or 4.62 tons

2005 ~ 100 volunteers 5130 pounds or 2.56 tons

2006 ~ 120 volunteers 7795 pounds or 3.89 tons

2007 ~ 136 volunteers 6291 pounds or 3.14 tons

2008 ~ 110 volunteers 6560 pounds or 3.28 tons

2009 ~ 109 volunteers 5120 pounds or 2.56 tons

2010 ~ 145 volunteers 4135 pounds or 2.06 tons

2011 ~ 234 volunteers 6153 pounds or 3.07 tons

2012 ~ 187 volunteers 6335 pounds or 3.16 tons

2013 ~ 175 volunteers 5745 pounds or 2.87 tons

Totals 1906 Volunteers 80289 pounds 40.13 tons

Average 147 Average 6176

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