CBF Power Plant Report Yields Dismal Outlook

10 Feb
February 10, 2010

Click the CBF Rept.Cypress Power Plant link below to read about how the Dendron Power Plant will affect where you live.

CBF Rept. Cypress Power Plant

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  1. flhancock says:

    It alarms me that the flyash which ODEC sold to landscape a golf course in greater Hampton Roads has caused ground water pollution and a major law suit is now involved. It should alarm everyone along the Blackwater River that ODEC’s solution to this toxic issue is to bury the flyash generated by the proposed Cypress Creek Plant in farmland near the plant. There are many elements about this Coal Plant that concern me, but this one truly should strike a nerve to anyone who is a friend of the Blackwater (and the second alternative to build a Coal Plant along the Nottoway River won’t be any better).

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