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April 2008 Newsletter

29 Apr
April 29, 2008

The latest BNRP Newsletter has been mailed to dues paying members. Click on the link to read on-line.
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Franklin Permit Modification

24 Apr
April 24, 2008

Letter of comment to DEQ concerning permit modification for copper at their Sewage Treatment Plant on the Blackwater River.
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Clean Rivers Day 2008 A Big Success

23 Apr
April 23, 2008

Well it appears Clean Rivers Day ( CRD) 2008 was another big success. The weather was great and all the individuals and the teams that came out to clean up our environment are to be commended for their hard work.
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Meherrin River Clean-up

15 Apr
April 15, 2008

The Friends of the Meherrin will host a river clean up on April 26. The event will launch from the Meherrin Park in Emporia from 8 am till noon rain or shine. For more information call Sherri Woodard at 434-634-3214.

Cypress Mulch, Don't Buy It !!!

24 Mar
March 24, 2008

With spring upon us Waterkeeper Alliance and our partners across the country are again asking gardeners to take a close look at cypress mulch and please: Don’t Buy It. We believe that gardeners will stop using cypress mulch when presented with the facts about the cypress mulch industry.
The cypress mulch industry destroys wetlands that protects coastal areas from hurricanes. Cypress wetlands absorb excess water like a sponge, controlling flood height and speed. These wetlands save lives and prevent the destruction of coastal cities. Contrary to popular belief, cypress mulch is not as effective as other mulches. Only the ‘heartwood’ from mature cypress trees is rot and termite resistant. The young trees now being cut to feed the growing cypress mulch industry do not have these qualities and to grind up a 300 year old cypress tree to put on a flower bed is criminal.

No Volvo For Me !!!

20 Mar
March 20, 2008

I want to thank everybody very much for all the support during the Volvo For Life Awards. I did win $25,000 for the BNRP that will help purchase the program a new tow truck. That vehicle will be what pulls the Riverkeeper boats to the rivers and will represent the BNRP for the three days it stays at these public places. With new BNRP logo and information on the truck it let people know that drive by or are using the facility that the Riverkeeper is on the water and on the job protecting that waterbody. The truck should last the program many years as it is only used for BNRP business. So thank you again for all ya’ll that voted for me. The amount of support I garnered was amazing. No I did not win the $100,000 award or the new Volvo every three years for life but heck, this way at least I don’t have to go to New York City !

Blackwater/Nottoway Fishin' Article

08 Mar
March 8, 2008

Spring will soon be on the way and with the chilly winter winds easing up on the Blackwater and Nottoway people will start to look towards the rivers to wet a line. We will start with the spring fishing season, as this is the most popular fishing season locally. Then work our way through the other three seasons and hopefully give a good overview on what’s hittin’ and what’s not throughout the year.
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Riverkeeper "Matter Of Fact" 2007

17 Jan
January 17, 2008

Here are some interesting facts from last year.

I spent I spent 98 days on the rivers and 58 nights.

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Mercury Now In Nottoway Fish

14 Sep
September 14, 2007

The Virginia Department of Health has now listed the Nottoway on the growing list of rivers in Virginia with mercury contaminated fish.

Fish tissue results from samples taken in 2006 came back in August. The results show that most of the fish on the Nottoway are now contaminated with mercury at a level that is not safe to eat. The VDH, DEQ and VDGIF will be working to get warning signs (I hope) up in the next few weeks. Most likely they will advise that no one eat more than two 8 oz meals a month of fish from the river. The same warning as in the Blackwater. For those of you that want the spreadsheet showing the levels and fish contaminated just drop me an e-mail and I will send it to you. 

A few years back the fish were tested and did not exceed the danferous to humans threshold. Now they have which tell me that means the mercury is getting worse not better. Virginia needs to clean up the dirty coal fired power plants operating in the state. It has been proven that if mercury emmissions are locally lowered, then merury levels in wildlife will go down and in the space of about 10 years. Look for an article in the Tidewater News this weekend.