BNRP April 13, 2011 Meeting Minutes

18 Apr
April 18, 2011

As recorded by Felice Hancock, Secretary The meeting had 9 members in attendance, and the Board of Directors’ members who were present are as follows: Jeff Turner, Nancy Turner, Anne Parker, and Sherri Woodard. Jeff Turner opened the meeting by requesting the Minutes from March be read by Felice Hancock. Nancy Turner requested a correction be noted that the $970.84 in revenues came from total income including sale of Atlases and donations, not just membership dues are recorded – correction made. And Jeff Turner requested that the March Minutes be passed and it was seconded by Nancy Turner. Jeff Turner next requested that Nancy Turner give the Treasurer’s report. Nancy reported that for March, revenues were $744.04 and expenses were $1,325.98. Bobby Turner was next asked to provide the membership report. Membership now stands as 120 with 2 new members: The Nottoway River Yacht Club and Walker Gillette. Welcome to our new members. Riverkeeper Report 3-10: Presentation of 2nd BNRP movie to Walters Ruritans. 11 Attended. 3-11: Presentation of vintage Union Camp film to the Southampton County Historical Society. About 30 attended. 3-15: Anne Parker, Nancy Turner, Curtis Newsome, and Sherrie Woodard approved $519.94 for depth finder purchase by e-mail vote. 3-17: 3 day patrol on Nottoway below Hercules. Interviewed by writer Will Daniel (Chester, VA), who is writing a book on the Blackwater & Nottoway Rivers. Previous book is James River Reflections, and should be a similar style with historical significance of rivers told through anecdotal notes and period & recent photographs. 3-24: Informed of being the recipient of the 3rd Annual WHRO Community Impact Award, Environmental Level. Award to be presented on May 11. 3-28: Completed re-fit of flotation in BNRP work boat. New sonar installed 4/2. 3-29: Took Bill Hancock and Stefanie Hancock to Mill Run on Nottoway for photos for Mill Project. Picked up two cases of litter-getters donated by Southampton Litter Control Council. 4-2: Clean Rivers Day 2011. This year 27 teams participated in the CRD Event with a total of 237 volunteers removing 6268 pounds of trash fro the watershed. That included 42 tires. Most weight collected by the Nottoway Indian Tribe of VA, bringing in 1,040 pounds cleaned up from the Carey’s Bridge area along the Nottoway. Largest number of volunteers participating was the Franklin Black Achievers with 53 hard working souls. Totals for 11 years: 1547 Volunteers and 68,324 pounds. Average: 140 Volunteers and 6211 per each CRD. Sent VA Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) information on bags of suspect material found at Joyner’s Bridge by Team Bobby Tuner. Concern was material was asbestos. Upon testing by the state it was determined that the bags did not contain asbestos. Next time ramp is scheduled for maintenance, the bags will be removed. 4-3: 2 day patrol on Nottoway below Bronco Club. Left camp as severe weather approached and returned to find storm had damaged tent. 4-6: 3 day patrol on Nottoway below Bronco Club. 4-13: Delivered 8 litter-getters to John Rudy, Pack Master for Pack 27 for next years CRD and clean ups they will conduct throughout the year. Talked with max Bartholomew from Old Dominion and Phil Sherman from Franklin City about the Pier Project. Reasons for the delays include the City behind on tasks and the requirement of adjacent land-owners (like International Paper) to sign off. Sent in names for invitation for WHRO Award Luncheon on May 11. It has been decided that during the next BNRP Meeting on May 11, 7:30pm, Wick Harlan from the Dept. of Environmental Quality will present the Bronze Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award to our program. This concluded the Riverkeeper Report New Business Suggestions about CRD: Team John Jones recommended that school students, instead of selling candy to raise money, obtain pledges for a certain amount of trash to be picked up on CRD. Discussion that followed urged not to interfere with money-raising projects by any school’s PTA and support groups. However, CRD should be promoted to schools and other organizations as a way of conducting community service without the need of fund-raising or extra expenses (trash bags, litter-getters all provided at no charge to groups; only requirement is actual participation). It was agreed that CRD 2011 was very successful! WHRO Community Impact Award: Felice Hancock emailed as an addendum that Jeff Turner specifically, not the BNRP, is the honoree for the 3rd annual WHRO Community Impact Award. Granted, it is hard to talk about one without the other. He received recognition in the Environmental category (the other 4 being Education, Health & Public Safety, Regionalism, and Social Justice). He was selected from over 100 other entries comprised of individuals as well as organizations. In addition to the award, there will be a 4-minute video produced and available for view on the WHRO Website in the near future: Congratulations Jeff, your hard work is appreciated as well as now being recognized regionally! The BNRP will receive 6 free tickets for the WHRO Awards Luncheon. Reservations need to be confirmed my May 4. Ashland Hercules Water Technologies Franklin Plant (AHWT-Franklin): Sean Maconaghy, EHS Manager, reported that there will be a consent order from DEQ published in May’s VA Pilot regarding the fish-kill fine ($20,000 reduced to $14,000 as it was non-contested). Eastman bore the majority of the cost. By Sept 30, a written plan to reduce toxicity will be in place. Other Items Potentially look for a future article on the BNRP in the Western Tidewater Magazine. Sherri Woodard reported that there will be a Clean the Stream Day on April 23 at the Meherrin Park and Boat Landing. ~end ~

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