August 2017 BNRP Meeting Minutes

14 Sep
September 14, 2017

As recorded by Curtis Newsome and Jeff Turner
The monthly BNRP meeting held at the Paul D. Camp Community College Workforce Center had
7 people in attendance. Board members and officers present were Jeff Turner, Anne Parker, Nancy Turner, Sherri Woodard, Curtis Newsome and Bobby Turner. Scott Thomson from Solenis was also present.
Jeff Turner opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and then read the July meeting minutes. Following that reading Nancy Turner made a motion that the minutes be adopted as read and was seconded by Curtis Newsome. The minutes were adopted with no changes.
Jeff then asked for the Treasurers Report, which was given by Nancy, showed expenses for the month of July to be $1,258.77, revenue being $38.82 leaving a balance of $21,377.06
Jeff then asked Bobby Turner to give the membership report and Bobby said that the member count remained at 104, no change from last month.
Jeff then announced we were moving into the new business section of the meeting and invited Scott Thomson to stay, which he politely declined. Scott then reminded the group he was looking forward to the September 13 BNRP meeting/visit at Solenis at 5:30.
Jeff brought approximately 50 BNRP t-shirts to the meeting. The BNRP has had possession of these shirts for years and in an effort to move them out they were divided up and given to those attending the meeting.
Scott Thomson reminded everyone about the visit to Solenis for the next meeting on the 13th September. Meet at 5:30.

New Business:
The Va. Master Naturalist Historic Southside Chapter and the Franklin Garden Club were the only two grants received from 29 grant letters sent out into the community. Discussions began on the two submitted grants which both included multiple projects. During the discussion of the grant process Nancy asked Anne why could the Garden Club which is a 501 (c) 3 could distribute funds to a non 501 (c) 3 organization but the BNRP could not. Anne stated that the Master Naturalist Historic Southside Chapter is not a 501 (c) 3 organization but could submit to their parent organization the Va Master Naturalist a 501 (c) 3 program run by Va Tech but that they Tech would take 7% to handle the grant money. Anne went on to state that Westbrook Parker had said it was okay for the Franklin Garden Club to accept the funding on behalf of the Master Naturalist. Anne stated she did not want any of the grant money to the Master Naturalist to be used on the Nansemond river and that any projects should be on our rivers. The Board of Directors agreed and voted yes to fund the Franklin Garden Club and Virginia Master Naturalist grant request with stipulations that all projects would take place in the Blackwater and Nottoway sub-watersheds. A motion was made by Jeff Turner to accept the grants with stipulations, seconded by Curtis Newsome. A vote was then taken with Jeff Turner, Anne Parker, Curtis Newsome, Sherri Woodard and Nancy Turner voting Yea. There were no Nay votes.
Next on new business agenda Jeff informed the group that because of Social Security concerns he could not pursue being back paid in equipment for 7 years of service as an unpaid Riverkeeper. It was determined the only way for Jeff to obtain the equipment needed for him to continue working on the river as a river advocate was to purchase the equipment at fair market value FMV. Since the IRS does not define FMV Jeff used NADA, Ebay, Craigslist and the Internet to determine the FMV number for the equipment items. Those items include: Ford F-150 truck, Imac computer, 60 Hp outboard, DJI Drone, Ipad, MacBook laptop and 40 Hp outboard motor. Jeff offered the board a figure of $14,250 as payment he would pay for the above listed items. Curtis Newsome made a motion to accept the offer, Sherri Woodard seconded the motion. Then Anne Parker, Sherri Woodard and Curtis voted Yea to accept the offer of $14,250 from Jeff Tuner for payment of the listed items above. Executive Director Jeff Turner abstained from the vote as did board member Nancy Turner because of the IRS conflict of interest rule.
Meeting Adjourned

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