August 2014 meeting Minutes

12 Sep
September 12, 2014

As recorded by Felice Hancock, Recording Secretary

The meeting at Paul D. Camp Community College Workforce Center Conference Room had five members attending, including BNRP Board Members: Jeff Turner, Curtis Newsome, and Nancy Turner. Chairman Newsome called the meeting to order with a welcome and requested that Secretary Hancock read the July Minutes. A motion was made to approve the minutes by Nancy Turner as read and Curtis Newsome seconded – approved.
Under Treasurer Report, Nancy Turner reported revenue for July 2014 of $856.92; expenses of $1,891.62.
Chairman Newsome then called for the Membership Secretary’s report. Bobby Turner listed 148 members, noting new members of David and Peggy Lockwood. Welcome to our new members!

August 2014 Riverkeeper Report By Jeff Turner, Blackwater-Nottoway Riverkeeper
7/11 Iluka will pay $21,208 civil charges to the state and $61,875 to SEP/Supplemental Environmental Plan. Unpermitted tailings discharge from one of its ponds reason for Department of Environmental Quality action. SEP will improve roads and address erosion issues in Big Woods State Forrest, the Cherry Orchard Bog Natural Area and the Piney Grove Preserve.
7/16 Presentation to Suffolk Izaak Walton League. 40 attended the 3rd showing of the educational BNRP video.
7/17 Village Woods Edge toured an Eco-Cruise on the Nottoway River. Afterwards, went on 3-day patrol Nottoway, no river issues.
7/21 Eco-Cruise on Nottoway River with Felice Hancock’s Paul D. Camp Community College’s Humanities 211 Class in the cultural-historical-natural landscape of Western Tidewater. 9 attending who mostly were educators from grades K-12.
7/22 Sent Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries an appeal for “no wake zone” in front of new boat ramp at Hercules near Franklin.
Got message from DEQ on possible water quality issue at Rt 638 near Sedley.
8/8 Blackwater River Eco-Cruise “p3 Recycling Group” from Franklin City School System. 7 attending including Franklin City Manager Randy Martin.
2-Day Riverkeeper patrol on Blackwater River. Trash bad at Franklin ditch.
8/11 Attended Western Tidewater Regional Humanities Council’s Virginia Foundation for the Humanities meeting at PDCCC. Discussed doing WHRO radio program, 2-minute spots. Felice Hancock to discuss idea further with BNRP and Great Dismal Swamp interpreter Deloras Freemen; potential grant project similar to Eastern Shore Minutes.
8/12 Sent in Camp (Elm Foundation) grant request.
Attended Franklin Southampton Litter Forum in Franklin at City Hall. Lots of people/agencies attended. To name a few: Franklin Police; Southampton Sherriff; VDOT; Southampton County BOS Chairman; Mayor of Boykins/Southampton Litter Council; “p3 Recycling Group”; Franklin Beautification; Franklin Public Works;

Old Business
* Sweetwater Brewing Company would be in conflict of territory in distribution its product, so unable to work with us at this time in fund-raising.

New Business
* From Sean Maconaghy: No water quality issues with discharges, passed our Quarterly Toxicity Testing in July. Plant no longer called Ashland but is now Solenis, lots of transition activates going on. No other environmental or safety issues to report. I’ll be taking the role of Corporate Safety and Process Safety Manager, they are actively looking for a replacement for me.
* Jeff Turner brought a printing of 10 proofs of BNRP Atlas to critique. Some letters were filled in, and cut & pasted could be clearer. Would like to have these issues corrected. Ideal company to work with as we can have smaller quantities printed as needed.
* Heritage Day at Southampton County Agriculture and Forestry Museum and Heritage Village will be held in Courtland on September 13, Saturday. BNRP to participate.
* Felice Hancock suggested that we encourage attendance of our Board of Supervisors; City Council Members; Franklin Southampton Litter Forum members, and others. Felice also received a thank you letter from Mrs. Irene Darden Field of Courtland for receiving a copy of the second printing of the Water-powered Mills booklet, and this booklet plus the River Atlas will be available for sale at September 13 Heritage Day in Courtland.

With no further business, Chairman Newsome adjourned the meeting until next month – September 10/Wednesday, 2014 at PDCCC Workforce Center Conference Room.
~ end ~

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