August 16th through the 18th Nottoway Trip

19 Aug
August 19, 2008

Moonpie, Freezing Deer and I spent the 16th through the 18th on the Nottoway below Delaware.

The water was low and clear up-river, cloudy down-river. Trash was light as was the boat traffic. Fishing continues to be very slow. We only caught a few small bream and two catfish the entire trip. We got to try out a new water toy though. The device was a single rider inflatable that is towed behind the boat. According to the manufacturer it is designed to be steerable back and forth across the wake of the boat. Well of course I had to be the guinea pig and test it out first. So we took off with me attached to this thing lickity split. I quickly found out that yes it is steerable. However when attempting to steer it the evil raft has a propensity to turn upside down. After riding the thing several times with a great view of the bottom of the river I gave up and we eventually found my eyeballs. Next up was Freezing Deer. Though leery to ride after seeing me imitate a mudbug, Moonpie and I finally coaxed her aboard and off we went again. After a very brief distance down went Freezing Deer also. We went back to attempt a second pull but saw to our horror she could not try again. The terrible drag through the water had stretched her arms to 6 ft long making it impossible for her to hold on properly. So she crawled back into the boat like some wild looking wet spider woman. Well of course Moonpie was just laughing through all this and shaking her heard in disbelief. She said, “Ya’ll are so old, fragile and decrepit these days that I don’t know why you even bother attempting this stuff. These are activities are for vibrant, robust folks that can take the pain for the gain she crowed.” Freezing Deer and I both bout got sick. Okay spring chicken I said, get your fresh meat out there and lets see what Robust is all about. So out she went into the drink and mounted up. Tighten up and go she hollered. Well we were stunned at what happened next. I hit the power and she popped up right away. Literally. Evidently when I hit the gas the force of take-off drove her toenails into the rubber raft puncturing it. The next thing we know, Moonpie and the big yellow raft are jetting pass us throwing a 10 ft rooster tail. All we could see was teeth as Moonpie passed us on the port side of the boat. As fun as that looked I knew she was going to be in trouble real soon as the raft only hold so much air. Just about the time she was running out of ski rope I nailed the boat to full power and pulled up beside the speeding jet raft. In a feat that looked like something from Cypress Gardens I hollered for Moonpie to jump from the now quickly deflating raft onto the pontoon boat which she did perfectly. And just in the nick of time as the raft suddenly was out of steam, or air as it was. Back in the boat Moonpie said, now that was fun and that is how raw excitement keeps me young and flexible. That’s great I said, lets see how flexible your bank account is when you replace that expensive raft you popped so we can continue our adventures on the two rivers we call the Nottoway and Blackwater.

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