August 14, 2013 Meeting Minutes

17 Aug
August 17, 2013

Blackwater/Nottoway Riverkeeper Program
August 14, 2013
As recorded by Felice Hancock, Secretary

The meeting had 7 members and 2 guests present, with Board of
Directors attending as follows: Jeff Turner, Anne Parker, Sherri
Woodard and Nancy Turner.
Jeff Turner opened the meeting with a welcome and requested that
Nancy Turner give the Treasurer’s report. Nancy Turner reported a
revenue for July 2013 of $5,364.55; expenses of $2762.40.
The Membership Report was next read by Bobby Turner, noting 134
members including four new affiliates all from Colonial Heights:
Brandon Burrow; Kaitlyn Gwaltney; Kyle Swayzee; and, Jessica Wheeler.
Welcome to our new members!
Jeff Turner next requested that the minutes from the July 2013
meeting be read by Felice Hancock. Jeff Turner motioned to approve
the minutes, Nancy Turner seconded.

Riverkeeper Report
By Jeff Turner

7/11 Sent VDGIF CPO Brandon Woodruff information on Jacob Chappell
for abandoned lines in Blackwater River.
Sent Clyde Gant and Mark Saur of DEQ information that the Route 189
pipe belonging to Mr. Corbin does not have a power line running to it
that is visible or external.
Gave the story lead about two Indian pottery vessels discovered in
the Nottoway River near the Hand Site to the Tidewater News.

7/18 New VDGIF ramp was dedicated at Hercules/Ashland Boat Ramp
location. Director Bob Duncan and lots of VDGIF people were there as
well as Andy Chapman from Ashland. It was HOT!

7/29 Paul D. Camp Community College adjunct faculty, Felice Hancock,
received two Eco-Cruises for Humanities 211: Western Tidewater
Regional Cultural-Historical-Natural Landscape. The course is used by
educators in grades K-12 for recertification.
Sheila Baker form City of Franklin wanted Clean River Day totals.

8/2 Three day patrol on the Blackwater River at Franklin. Lots of
trash; stormy. Nearly lost a finger cutting down abandoned

8/6 All Riverkeeper salary requests were fulfilled from City of
Franklin and counties of Isle of Wight and Southampton. Thank you
letters mailed.

8/9 Sold 15 copies of The Blackwater, Nottoway and Meherrin River
Atlas to the Blackwater Outfitters.

8/13 Blackwater River’s “trash campers” were spotted at Route 603 ramp.

8/14 Attended the Albemarle-Chowan Watershed Roundtable meeting, at Windsor.

Old Business

Graydon Wallace reported that on the weekend of July 20, he and about
10 individuals on canoes, worked to clean up/improve boating on the
Nottoway River near Waverly (Sussex County). Mostly workers came from
his Chesapeake Boy Scout Troop and the project was service towards his
Eagle Scout badge. Downed trees and trash were the main issues
confronting improvement of boating; 100 gallons on trash were removed.

Felice Hancock reported that the estimate of 250 copies of the Mill
Booklet would run about $1300, which is $300 more than expected. She
will get a written estimate for BNRP Board approval for next month’s

Jeff Turner reported that letters have been sent off to organizations
about April 12, 2014 Clean River Day.

New Business:

Watershed Awareness Day will be October 5th, during the Franklin Fall
Festival, and will be located at the Franklin Farmer’s Market. BNRP
to participate.

Southampton County Historical Society’s 20th annual Heritage day will
be held on September 14. BNRP to participate.

No further business presented, Riverkeeper Jeff Turner dismissed the meeting.

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