August 12, 2009 Meeting Minutes

21 Aug
August 21, 2009

As recorded by Nancy D. Turner, Treasurer
Jeff Turner opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and then read the July minutes in John’s absence.

Jeff Turner noted that the minutes did not reflect his invitation to Phil Sherman for any updates from the City of Franklin. Nancy Turner made a motion to amend the minutes to include the invitation to Phil Sherman. The motion was seconded and approved with the correction. Nancy gave the treasurer’s report for July. Revenues for the month were $3,635.00,
expenses were $2,334.01. It was noted that the $699.00 expense was charged to our account for the boat motor. We received a credit in August because the motor is on backorder. Our account will be charged when the motor is shipped.

Bobby Turner reported 135 members as of the August meeting.

The meeting had 5 in attendance. The Board members present were Jeff Turner and Nancy Turner.
Jeff Turner gave the Riverkeeper Report (John see enclosed)

Jeff reported that he and Warren Simmons met to discuss a joint project to compile the history of the Battle at Crumpler’s Bluff that took place on the Blackwater River on October 3, 1862.
Sean Maconaghy from Ashland Hercules reported the following:
1. USEPA has approved the work plan and provided authorization to begin work on closure of the former stormwater impoundment on the west side of the plant along the Nottoway River. Ashland is waiting on a new VPDES Permit that will include a provision to allow treated water from the impoundment to be discharged through our existing permitted outfall. Once the permit revision is received work can proceed with the closure of the impoundment.
2. Ashland is still waiting for a response from USEPA on their latest response to the NEIC inspection which was conducted in 2005.
3. Ashland is still working with the VADEQ on issues on the Groundwater Withdrawal Permit renewal application. A meeting is scheduled with the VADEQ in Richmond August 20th to discuss the issues in order to move the permit renewal forward.
Felice Hancock shared info on the Scenic Virginia web site and the Virginia Sesquicentennial web site.

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