August 11, 2010 Meeting Minutes

16 Aug
August 16, 2010

As recorded by John Bunch, Secretary

Curtis Newsome was absent so the meeting was conducted by Jeff Turner. He opened by asking that Nancy Turner give the Treasurer’s report for July.

She reported that revenues were $5209.26 (contributions from Isle of Wight Co and the City of Franklin), expenses were $3568.75 (main expense being for payment to Turn 3 for 200 tee shirts). Nancy then went over the revised 2010 budget, pointing out the changes that reflect the drop in the contributions for the Riverkeeper salary. Nancy moved to accept the amended budget, seconded by Anne Parker, and passed.

Jeff then asked Bobby Turner to give the membership report. The group now stands at 139, an addition of 2 new members that came in under a family membership.

Jeff then asked that John Bunch read the minutes from the previous monthly meeting. Following the reading it was noted that two changes were needed – concerning the grist mill topic, changing Chat to Chap and secondly, to note that Jay Randolf represents Southampton Co, not Franklin. Motion was made by Nancy to adopt the minutes (following the changes which will be sent to Jeff), seconded by Jeff, and passed.

The meeting had 6 in attendance and the BOD members present were Nancy Turner, Anne Parker, and Jeff Turner.

The Riverkeeper Report

As presented by Jeff Turner

On 7/15 – Attended the Albemarle-Chowan Watershed Roundtable meeting in Franklin. I showed them a video of the rivers and Rivers’ Day plans were finalized.

On 7/22 – Rivers’ Day was held in Franklin at the new boat ramp. I gave two boat tours. The event was coordinated with Kids College and not an open event which I feel was a mistake. The kids made an attempt at fishing, but no fish were caught. Eric Brittle & I used his electro-shocking equipment to have fish in a live well for the kids to see. Agencies were on hand with informational booths to educate the approximately 40 children that attended. Some of those agencies are listed below:

Albemarle-Pamlico National Estuary Program            Virginia Cooperative Extension

Virginia Dept of Conservation & Recreation                        Virginia Dept of Environmental Quality

Natural Resources Conservation Service                        Virginia Dept of Game & Inland Fisheries

Blackwater/Nottoway Riverkeeper Program                        Virginia Dept of Forestry

Soil & Water Conservation Districts                                    US Army Corps of Engineers

Resource Conservation & Development Councils

On 7/29 – This was the day for the Kids College Cruise. Took six out for a cruise on a very hot day. There was also a trip scheduled for 8/12, but that was cancelled for lack of participation.

On 8/2 – DEQ is giving J.L. Rose Hog Market in Courtland an NOV for unpermitted discharge to a stream. This is hog waste run-off from floor cleaning and runs to a stream that empties into the Nottoway. Outcome will probably be to tie in with Courtland’s sewer line.

On 8/5 – Freezing Deer and I put in at Franklin to test the BNRP Waterstrider as it had not been in the water for over three months. Collected one large bag of trash with the majority of the contents coming from around the boardwalk and the Barretts Landing area. While on the river, noticed an overflowing trashcan at the old IP Boat Landing. Will recommend that it be removed if the company is no longer servicing it.

–       An overflowing trashcan behind Birdsong Peanut Company was seen and reported to have it emptied.

This concluded the Riverkeeper Report

Other Items:

–       Riverkeeper Health – The Rotator Cuff that had recent surgery for repair has become torn again. Will give it some time before deciding if surgery is needed again.

–       New Tee Shirts – These have now been received from Turn 3 Designs & Embroidery. They have the same design as the original BNRP shirts and will be sold for $15 apiece.

–       Clean Rivers Day – Next year’s event is set to take place on 4/2/11. Anne Parker has gathered addresses from 59 organizations to contact for the cleanup effort. Jeff will be soon composing a letter requesting their participation so as to get on their scheduling calendars for the upcoming year.

Floating Dock – Have not heard anything from Franklin concerning acquiring it. And not hearing anything from Dominion concerning the money that was donated for the original ramp addition and

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