April 2016 Meeting Minutes

13 May
May 13, 2016

The monthly meeting held at The Paul D. Camp Community College Workforce Center had 8 people attending. BNRP Board Members were Jeff Turner, Anne Parker, Sherri Woodard, and Curtis Newsome. Bobby Turner, Felice Hancock, and Jim Hart were in attendance along with John Bunch acting as Secretary.

Prior to the start of the meeting, representatives from the Atlantic Coastal Pipeline came in from Richmond to give a presentation to us on the construction plans of the natural gas pipeline that’s being built. The representatives were well qualified in their jobs with the pipeline, two are former employees with DEQ and the third is the environmental manager for the project. The primary purpose of this visit was to show us the methods they will be using in laying down the piping as it travel through wetlands, rivers, and streams. What follows is a synopsis of their presentation.

The pipeline will originate in West Virginia and with its collection of natural gas from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, travel to the coast of Virginia, first swinging down into North Carolina. To enable them to proceed with the construction, many permits and approval consultations were required. Those many permits fall under the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. There are Right-of-Way grants for the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Appalachian Trail and there are many consultations that include Scenic Rivers, National Historic Preservation, river and stream bottom crossings, and protected species. As the piping is buried, the land will be put back very similar to the way it was found, replacing the subsoil over the pipe and capping that with the topsoil that had been set aside. The plan calls for a 50’ right-of-way which will be maintained in the fashion to keep trees from growing. There will be no herbicides used for this, but rather being accomplished by mechanical means. If on agricultural land, the farmer may return to farming the land as the top of the pipe will lay at least 4’ below the surface. In crossing streams, wetlands, and rivers there will be a minimum of 5’ of cover overlying the piping. Concerning stream crossings those streams will be temporarily diverted or dammed (there are many methods here and they are stream/lay-of-the-land dependent on what method is used). On the management of that water diversion, the method, depending on the stream size, work will be performed by either a 24 or 48 hour time window. When it comes to crossing the Meherrin River a cofferdam approach will be used. Horizontal Directional Drilling will be used in digging under the Nottoway, Blackwater, Nansemond, and South Elizabeth Rivers.

The presenters showed a concern for doing the environmentally right thing in regards to wetlands, rivers, and sensitive species. There will be inspections being done all along the way during construction to insure that agreed upon plans are being followed. There will be surface and ground water monitoring performed and stormwater inspections done so as to stay on top of preventing sediment from getting into the waterways. Additionally, we were told that revenue for the local areas where the pipe travels will come in the form of property taxes being paid by them. In the question and answer period, it came out that none of this natural gas will be exported, but all to be consumed within the U.S.


Following the presentation the speakers were thanked for making the trip down and giving the overview of the upcoming pipeline process. The BNRP then had their regular monthly meeting.

Curtis Newsome asked that John Bunch read the minutes from the previous meeting. They were read with no following comments. Curtis then asked for a motion to adopt the minutes as they stand. Jeff Turner made that motion and was seconded by Anne Parker. A vote was taken and the minutes were adopted as were.

Nancy Turner was absent, so Bobby Turner stood in to give the Treasurer’s Report, saying that expenses for the month of March were $1805.44, revenue was $1235.52.

Bobby then gave the membership report saying there are currently 132 members who have paid their dues.

Riverkeeper Report

3/7 4 day patrol BW. Found tagged limblines not being fished. Contacted Mr. Outland and informed him of new regs requiring lines to be removed when not fished. Took Frank Rabil out to see old city dump site and stormwater canal.

3/10 Felice Hancock informed me that she would no longer be able to be Secretary due to health reasons.  We are saddened by this and wish her the best.

3/14 Beverly Vick contacted me about Nottoway blockage between Peters and Carey’s Br. I contacted Bob and Lofton Wallace to see if Boy Scouts interested.

3/15  3 day patrol Nottoway below Hercules. Lots of trash.  Styro starting to show up.

Sgt. Tim Worrell VDGIF informed me he has caught the Rt.603 ramp dumpers. Windsor Tree Service were the culprits.

3/22 3 day patrol Nottoway Courtland area. Most trash ever picked up, lots styro. No eagles spotted at nest site.

SS Olive grave monument corrected and in place at cemetery.

3/23 Kyle Winter DEQ informed me that he reviewed the data received to date at two WQM stations for Atlantic Waste Disposals landfill in Sussex both on Beef Steak Road downstream of the landfill.  These stations are on Pigeon Swamp and Black Swamp, respectively.


Pigeon Swamp drains the west side of the landfill and the data did not significantly differ from other swamp waters in the Blackwater basin.


Black Swamp drains the east side of the landfill; while the data was slightly elevated above other swamp waters, in the Blackwater basin, no exceedances of water quality criteria were noted.  Further, there are two other permitted facilities between the landfill and Beef Steak Road; the Black Swamp WWTP and the McGill composting facility.

3/25  Mark Kidd DEQ, informed me that the Solar car wash on Amory DR. Franklin will be required to get a permit. Under the general Permit for carwashes they are allowed to discharge wash water, provided that no foam is discharged and that a biodegradable soap is used.

3/28 Concerned citizen contacted me about a pipe running from a house to the Franklin city curb. Sent info to Donald Goodwin. They investigated and found it to be from a basement sump pump. He stated there was no violation with this.

3/29  3 day patrol Blackwater Franklin area. Poaching investigation underway.

DCR Adopt-A-Stream sign at Rt 603 VDGIF ramp defaced. Asked the state to remove it (which has been done) and ordered a new one.

4/5 Researched price of trash catching device for Pretlow Street ditch. $125,000

4/6 Emailed Southampton County Litter Control members letter. Letter contained dates/location I have witnessed trash coming out of county haulers. I also included recommendation for remedy of issue. Inspect before leaving dump site for trash hanging out from under tarp and uses of a pike pole to push trash back under tarp.

4/10 2 day Nottoway patrol Courtland area. No eagles. Trash light except for styro. Returned Mr. Owens boat that had drifted away. Cut trip short due to broke ribs and weather.

4/13 As of this date we have 9 CRM teams.


New Business:

  • There was no new business.

With no other business to be discussed, Curtis adjourned the meeting.


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