April 2014 Minutes

04 Jun
June 4, 2014

Blackwater-Nottoway Riverkeeper Program April 9, 2014 as recorded by Felice Hancock, Recording Secretary
The meeting had 8 members present, with Board of Directors attending as follows: Jeff Turner, Curtis Newsome, Anne Parker and Sherri Woodard. President Newsome opened the meeting with a welcome and requested the March 12 Minutes be read by Secretary Hancock. The minutes were then motioned to be approved by Jeff Turner and seconded by Board Member Woodard; passed.
Next President Newsome requested the Treasurer’s Report be read by Jeff Turner in absence of Nancy Turner. The 2014 Report # 03 (3/1/2014 through 3/31/2014) was handed out and it was informed that March Revenue was $631.60; March Expenses were $1,453.77.
As Membership Secretary Bobby Turner was not present, Jeff Turner reported that March membership totaled 131 members, up from 108 members in February. Most were renewals, but a big welcome to new BNRP Members: Sharron Beale of Courtland; E. Warren Beale Jr of Courtland; Newsoms Ruritan Club of Newsoms; and Ruth T. Petty of Franklin. Additional members have joined in April and will be included next month.

3/13: Presentation to Walters Ruritan Club, 12 attended.
3/14: 3 Day patrol on Nottoway River in Courtland area. Picked up a lot of trash.
3/20: 3 Day patrol on Blackwater River in Franklin area. Old dump behind Franklin Public Works trashy. Contacted Randy Martin.
• New eagle nest discovered approximately 2 miles downriver from Franklin on Isle of Wight County side on International Paper property. Contacted College of William & Mary; VA Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries; and International Paper about location for protection.
3/22: Broke ribs 7, 8 and 9.
4/6: I located approximate location of Old South Quay Church for New South Quay Baptist Church for their 240th anniversary celebration.
• Clean Rivers Day: 16 teams so far. We need to have more boat teams. Need ideas in future to convince local fishermen to participate. Need a team on Blackwater River below pump station, like two canoes and a jon-boat.
• Rt. 460 project is on hold. I have heard nothing further.

Old Business:
May 10 – BNRP Festival: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m at the Bronco Club. Lunch of Bar-B-Q will be offered from noon to 2 p.m. Need volunteers to oversee BB gun shoot, fishing tournament, corn hole & litter tossing competition. Blackwater Outfitters/Nottoway River Guides from Courtland (757/653-9223) will provide introductory lessons in the basics of canoeing and kayaking. Music from Blackwater Traditions (Newsome family) will also be featured. Some additional activities are still being planned.
Water-power Mills Booklet: Felice Hancock brought in 5 copies for each of the BNRP Board Members of the 2nd printing, 250 copies total, of the Water-power Mills along the Blackwater and Nottoway Rivers & Watersheds. The few changes, minor, included 3 typo-corrections, correcting reversal of a mill photo, and changing the title from Water-powered to just Water-power as most people viewed it as a misspelling and not as an “Old English Spelling.” Consideration of selling copies via the local historical societies was suggested and will be discussed at next meeting with input from the Treasurer.

New Business:
Clean River Day: Starting in 2005, CRD has been held close to Earth Day, April 22 or so. As there are so many April activities held sometimes occurring on same date, such as “Down Home Day” for the Southampton County Historical Society, we do not want to conflict with them. Would CRD be more practical if held during September or October? Or, would that conflict with Christmas Craft Shows which start in October? Need a time which would avoid insects & high weeds, but not interfere with other organizations. There may not be such a date, but please consider possibilities for discussion at our next BNRP meeting. Also, would be great to get more people and groups involved in picking up litter directly on the rivers.
Sherri Woodard reports that the Meherrin River Clean-up will be on May 3rd. Details available at 434/594-1451.
Nancy Reid was introduced at the new Environmental Compliance Officer for Franklin-Southampton County.

There being no further business, President Newsome adjourned the meeting.

~ end ~

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