April 10th through the 12th Nottoway Trip

14 Apr
April 14, 2008

Moonpie and I spent the 10th through the 12th on the Nottoway below Delaware.

The water was high at 13.50 on the USGS gage, fast and 65 degrees. Air temps ranged from 50 to 78 degrees. The river was a little trashy this trip due to the high water but I still picked up only a cooler full of trash. I saw no other water quality problems. The fishing this trip was fantastic. The white perch were in the river so thick I had a hard time getting my lure to the bottom. Some of the fish were really big at weighing over a pound. I was using a small Silver Buddy but I think they would have hit most anything. The shad though were the ticket this trip. I do not believe I have ever seen a day of shad fishing as good as it was on that second day. I was up a small narrow creek and there must have been hundreds of shad and herring coming by. At one point I caught ten fish on ten casts! Moonpie even got in on the action. At one point the fish were flopping and jumping against the cypress trees so much that Moonpie took a position on the side of the boat and was catching the herring in her mouth as they jumped out of the water. She looked like a little bear in Alaska catching Salmon. She caught so many that it looked like she had a silver beard from all the fish scales around her mouth. That was a really fun day of fishing. What was not real fun was the fact that the river continued to rise and on the second morning there was 6 inches of water in the campsite. I moved the tent to the highest point of the site but I was now on a 20′ diameter island in the swamp. I did not get much sleep that night as I feared the river would wash us away and I had visions of me trying to fight my way out of a sleeping bag and tent underwater. Thankfully the river crested early that night and did not get any higher.
So even though that was a little worry-some we had a great trip.
Now I need to remind ya’ll that Clean Rivers Day is this weekend Saturday the 19th. I still need teams or groups in Franklin and I need boat teams also. I have a couple of boat landings in the county that still need teams. I have litter getters and orange heavy-duty VDOT trash bags, just let me know what you need. Please remember, I need YOU to help in whatever capacity you can offer. The clean up will only take a couple hours of your Saturday. If you have a boat, put it in the river and fish while you clean up. It would be so nice to see all the anglers that enjoy the rivers this time of year with orange trash bags in their boats cleaning up. I can be reached at 757-562-5173 or e-mail me at blknotkpr@earthlink.net
Clean Rivers Day is a great opportunity to do something to make our community a better place. It is a great opportunity for families to get outside and be a team working together to benefit our environment.
All of us are stewards of this watershed we live in. It is up to you how healthy it remains and a healthy environment means a healthy community. So please invest some time this weekend in an effort to clean up our little piece of the world and let’s take care of these two rivers we call the Blackwater and Nottoway.

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