18 Oct


Welcome to the Blackwater Nottoway RIVERKEEPER® Program (BNRP)Website. The BNRP is a 501(c) 3 non-profit environmental organization and a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance. The BNRP has a RIVERKEEPER (Jeff Turner) who founded the BNRP in the year 2000. Jeff has over 50 years experience on the Nottoway and Blackwater rivers that he protects. That fact coupled with his three day two night river patrols he regularly makes through all four seasons earns him the distinction of being the Keeper of the Rivers. Jeff was the first RIVERKEEPER in the state of Virginia and the 47th RIVERKEEPER worldwide. Now there are over 250 RIVERKEEPERS throughout the world. The RIVERKEEPER visits groups and organizations in an effort to better educate people about our rivers. The BNRP also works closely with local, State and Federal Agencies when there are pollution issues or projects that require the RIVERKEEPERS intimate knowledge of the river. The BNRP and Jeff have won over 15 awards over the years including the Governors Environmental Excellence Award, The Bob Hutchinson Conservation Award and the Volvo Hero For Life Award that resulted in the BNRP obtaining a new Ford pick-up. The BNRP is dedicated to protecting and preserving the Blackwater & Nottoway Rivers and their watersheds. The BNRP is funded entirely by private donations and membership dues. Meetings held at 7:30 every 2nd Wednesday of the Month at the Paul D. Camp Community Workforce Development Center in Franklin Va. 23851 are open to the public. We need your help, ideas and expertise. Community participation is the key to helping the BNRP to protect the Blackwater and Nottoway Rivers.