July 2017 Meeting Minutes

10 Aug
August 10, 2017

July 12th, 2017
As recorded by John Bunch, acting Secretary
The monthly BNRP meeting, held at The Paul D. Camp Community College Workforce Center, had 9 people in attendance. Board Members were Jeff Turner, Anne Parker, Nancy Turner, and Curtis Newsome. Bobby Turner, Scott Thomson, Felice Hancock, Walter Adkins, and John Bunch were also in attendance.
Curtis opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and then asking that John read the June meeting minutes. Following that reading, Jeff made a motion that the minutes be adopted as is, was seconded by Nancy. The minutes were adopted with no changes.
Curtis then asked for the Treasurer’s Report which, given by Nancy, showed expenses for the month of June to be $1423.37, revenue being $184.97, and leaving a balance of.
Curtis asked Bobby to give the membership report and Bobby said that the member count remains at 104, no change from last month.
June 2017 Riverkeeper Report
6/14 Received info that the Travelers Inn in Petersburg that has been exceeding its limits for nitrogen, TSS and ecoli. Contacted Heather Deils DEQ Piedmont, she said” The Travelers Inn has approximately eight rooms filled on any given night, so the actual discharge from the treatment plant is relatively small. During our inspections, we have not found evidence that the discharge is making it to the receiving stream and it appears to percolate into the ground just below the discharge pipe.”
6/15 Talked with Dwight Flammia VDH Public Health Toxicologist about getting mercury advisory signs updated to include blue catfish. It was determined that tissue samples would need to be harvested. I mentioned that there were no mercury advisory signs of any kind right now as the old ones had long ago vanished. On 6/19 DEQ put up new/old advisory signs on the river. On 6/16 a shock boat team was sent to the Nottoway to collect samples from large blue cats. I guided them to some known blue cat locations. They were not successful in harvesting any large blues. On June 17th they tried the Blackwater and also were not successful. On July 7th we discussed the harvesting problem and it was decided to bring in Eric Brittle and a VDGIF that I have worked with in the past to try to shock up some large blue cats. If that does not work they want me to provide the fish and offered to provide me with large coolers etc to make that happen. On July 10 and 11 I caught 5 blue cats. 3 were of the size needed for the study a 12, 17 and 26 pound. Lost opportunity.
6/25 Contacted Mayor Frank Rabil about Bogart Pond boom proposal. He said he would check the next day and let me know. I have not heard back from him.
6/28 Three day patrol Nottoway. Trash bad, removed 10 limb lines not tagged.
7/6 Sent request to VDGIF of possibly producing a limb line regulations sign to be posted at Hercules Ramp. && Received information of a sand bar on upper Nottoway trashed with camp fire and beer bottles. A receipt was found and information was turned over to VDGIF enforcement.
7/9 Three day patrol Nottoway, no trash. Caught a boat skiing through the Bronco Club No wake Zone. Turned info over to VDGIF and appropriate action was taken.
New Business:
Jeff said that no grant applications had come in yet. Anne brought up that the Garden Club will be submitting an application for a trail project down by the Blackwater River in Franklin, but right now there are issues concerning land ownership. John brought up a few questions concerning the dispersing of grant monies associated with the dissolution of the group. Asked if a 501(c)(3) number were needed to added in the grant application and yes was the answer. Also was asked the deadline, which is August 3rd, and for a copy of the grant application form to be sent to John as he didn’t actually have it.
Scott brought up that he looked forward to the tour of Solenis that he would host on August 9th, but when 2 members indicated that they would be absent on that day, Scott decided to hold the tour in September instead. So the new date is 9/13. He then went on to give a good report on his facility, saying there were no water quality issues, that they were given a clean bill of health by DEQ’s Dave Sellers on their Title V air permit inspection, and that coming up on the 21st there is to be a Hazardous Waste inspection which is expected to go well. Scott then went on to say that their new system that automatically adjusts the hardness of the outgoing water stream by Calcium Chloride injection is in place and working well. And as before concerning the tour, he said that dinner would be provided and would like to meet there at 5:30 and that appropriate clothing needed to be worn, pointing out this is a workplace, so no shorts, or flip flops, or cut-off shirts.
John had been asked by Jeff to speak on the Lost Colony dig that he was recently involved in. Jeff had asked if john would go in Jeff’s place and he reported that digging in the Roanoke Sound produced many artifacts that were from the 200 year old range, not exactly the time frame being sought after. Additional work will hopefully be performed in this upcoming winter at another location that holds hopeful promise.
Jeff introduced Walter Adkins to the group and had him tell of his recent river/swamp adventure to visit an old trestle remnant that is located adjacent to a section of the Blackwater River.
For the continuing Show & Tell, John brought a photo of an orchid called the Coastal Plain Small Spreading Pogonia that was seen in the Dismal Swamp area while in the search for a rare butterfly. The land owner knew it was rare, but until investigated by DCR botanists, had no idea that this particular orchid had never been seen in Virginia before. It is, however, known in more southerly states. So this is a first for Virginia.

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