0ctober 10, 2012 Meeting Minutes

22 Oct
October 22, 2012

The Blackwater-Nottoway Riverkeeper Program

As recorded by Anne Parker

The meeting had 6 members in attendance, and the Board of Director’s who were present are as follows:  Jeff Turner, Nancy Turner and Anne Parker.

Jeff Turner opened the meeting by welcoming everyone.  The September minutes will be sent by email and approved due to Felice Hancock absence.  A motion to pass the minutes was made by Jeff Turner and seconded by Nancy Turner on Oct 13, 2012.

Nancy Turner was then requested by Jeff Turner to give the September Treasurer’s report.  Revenue was $65.00; expenses were $1,206.89.

Bobby Turner was next called upon by Jeff Turner to present the membership report.  A total of 142 members are now enrolled.  The new member is International Paper.

Riverkeeper Report

By Jeff Turner

9-19 Watershed Roundtable Meeting, Smithfield USDA Office.  Discussed Rivers Day             Oct. 6.

9-20 Patrolled 3 days on Nottoway River below Ashland.  No water quality issues, one             bag trash.

9-26 Patrolled 3 days on Blackwater River below Franklin.  Trash heavy, no water             quality issues.  Met DEQ water testing crew and chatted.

10-3 Wrote Holt Messerly and Bill Trout of Virginia Canals and Navigation Society             (VC&NS) in a successful effort to motivate them to begin work on a 2nd edition/printing of the river atlas.

Contacted VDGIF about sinking No Wake buoy on Blackwater River at Franklin.              Was told it was Southampton’s problem.  Talked to Southampton and they said it             was Franklin’s problem.  Talked to Mr. Martin, Franklin City Manager, and he             said he would see what he could find out.

10-4 Bought Tidewater News ad for Clean River Day.  Need to go discuss ad for CRD             in Tidewater News’ Progress edition.

10-6 River Day.  BNRP booth was set up and manned by:  Bobby Turner, Felice             Hancock, Nancy Turner, Freezing Deer, Anne Parker, and Doug Rogers.  I ran 8             trips to Crumpler’s Bluff from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with 76 people.

New Business

International Coastal Cleanup ends October 31.

After discussion, it was decided not to place an ad for Clean Rivers Day in the Tidewater News’ Progress edition due to expense.

Jeff Turner discussed his disappointment in the Albemarle-Chowan Watershed’s River Day on October 6th.  Jeff wrote a letter to Amanda Jarrett, Director of Franklin-Southampton Economic Development with Rivers Day suggestions.

Ashland Hercules Water Technologies’ Franklin Manger, Sean M. Maconaghy reported that Ashland had no issues at this time.

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